Get started on your path to success through
"Your Success Plan" designed by Universal fitness professionals.  In
cluded in your club membership!    

At Universal Athletic Club, our goal is to guide and support you... and to give you a specific PLAN for you to be successful with your fitness and health goals. We’ll help you determine your unique needs, provide you with valuable resources, and show you everything the club offers to help you with your journey.

"The Success Plan helped me with accountability. Knowing
someone was going to meet with me again helped keep me on track."

- Hannah Breneman, UAC Member

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By participating in Your Success Plan at Universal, you will be taking a step-by-step approach with the guidance of our friendly fitness coaches. Our coaches will help you every step of the way, whether you are new to exercise or already consider yourself "fit.”
We GUARANTEE positive results when you follow this plan!

Here’s how it works:
Success Step 1: This 60-minute appointment includes an interview with a trained Fitness Coach, assessing your goals and health history along with taking some basic, non-invasive measurements (if desired). Your Coach will also help you build a Success Plan designed specifically for you and your interests/goals. The remaining time (approximately 30 minutes) will be devoted to an actual cardio workout.You will also receive a gift of valuable vouchers to use throughout the club. 
Success Step 2At this 30-minute appointment we will introduce you to various Strength Training exercises and equipment. 
Success Step 3: This 30-minute appointment will be used to review and modify your cardio and strength programs. Your Coach will answer any questions and show you additional equipment or other areas of the club that might be of interest to you. 
Success Step 4: During this 30-minute appointment your Coach will take the same measurements as in Step 1 to demonstrate your success thus far. Your goals will also be reassessed and a new Success Plan designed if needed. 
In between each of these Success Steps we will be scheduling various workouts with fitness professionals and programs, giving you the support and motivation you need to get on the right path.
For more information about Your Success Plan at Universal, contact a Member Services Representative at 569-5396 today!