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"I completed my 'Success Plan' at Universal and now I feel..."

"Amazing! After having 5 children in 8 years, my body needed toning and strengthening. I enjoy coming to workout with a variety of options geared for my success. I'm losing excess weight steadily, and pre-pregnancy clothes fit great!"
- Danielle MacCartney

"Motivated and excited to continue on the right path of health!" 
- Stacy McAdams

"Fantastic! The whole team at UAC has made sure I have been involved and motivated from Day 1. There are so many different ways to enjoy working out here!"
- Krystina Caudill

"Healthier, happier, more energetic and totally satisfied. UAC's Fitness Coaching sessions were appropriate and set for my needs."
- David Riportella

"Safe and comfortable about what my Fitness Coach set up for me. She was very helpful and all of my questions were answered."
- Dorie Kemp

"Excellent!  Such good progression for me. I feel great after each individual session. Family is thrilled with me. THANK YOU!"
- Dick Meredith

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Dawn and Angie met about a year and a half ago while waiting for a BODYVIVE class to begin. They struck up a conversation and realized they had so much in common. They both enjoy similar classes such as BODYJAM, BODYVIVE, CXWORKS, and Zumba.  

Angie and Dawn both feel it’s so much more fun to exercise with a buddy. They encourage each other to warm up by walking around the track before class. This is how they’ve had the opportunity to chat and get to know one another.

“We’ve become good friends by talking about everything during our walks,” Angie said. “Our friendship has since grown to socializing outside the gym too. We meet for lunch, go to each other’s family events and shop.  But we especially look forward to our taking classes together at Universal!”



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“Thrive has helped me improve my overall health. I had been to the doctor before joining Thrive and discovered that my blood pressure was slightly elevated due to stress and my cholesterol was on the high side. With the change in my exercise and diet I was able to keep my blood pressure in check, lower my cholesterol by 50 points, and lose 15 pounds in 6 months without taking any medication! I feel that Thrive has kept me motivated to stay on track. It pushes me beyond what I would do at the gym. I never would have imagined being able to do some of the things that we do in Thrive! 

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The Cohick Family

Universal Athletic Club congratulates Geoff and Amy Cohick and their children, Graham (age 9) and Charlotte (age 5), for dedicating their life to improved health and quality time together as a family.

"We originally wanted Graham to try Martial Arts as an alternative to the cold rainy days of soccer, said Geoff. "Then I started to take classes to support Graham and as a challenge to try something new for myself. Then Charlotte thought it looked fun and wanted to participate also."

Geoff and and the children have all passed several belt levels.  "We all have a great sense of accomplishment, and the kids love getting their new belts and certificates," Geoff said.

Geoff said he and the kids are striving to eventually achieve their Black Belts and beyond. But most importantly, they want to stay active and healthy, with a continued interest in learning new things.

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Rhonda Kurtz

"I’ve lost over 10 pounds so far!  With the encouragement of the staff I continue to see this as a journey.  I’ve always been a big emotional eater and as simple as it sounds, I have finally reconciled that food isn’t a friend, a hobby, or a way of coping with stress.

Working with the staff Nutrition & Wellness staff at Universal helped me get to the point where food and weight loss no longer consume so much energy or time. It’s mentally liberating.

I’ve lost weight using other programs, but this is by far the best and most effective program/ process I’ve ever been a part of. It’s based on solid nutrition, living life fully and most importantly, I can schedule it to work with my schedule.

If you are contemplating losing weight, want to improve energy levels, or are just interested in eating healthier, the Weight Loss and Nutrition Center is the place to go."


Wade Smith
Determined to Make a Change for Good...

Last summer, I finally felt ready to do something about my health. I had gained weight steadily over the last several years and was starting to experience many medical issues as the result (high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels; sleep apnea and problems with liver function). My wife had been encouraging me to get in better shape, and the owner of the company I work for also mentioned his concern for my health.

I finally said 'enough is enough' and decided to do something about it...

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Training at Universal’s Sports Performance Center has helped me improve my speed, agility, footwork and balance. It has also helped me lose 45 pounds.

What I like best about the program is how much it helps athletes improve. The trainers make you work hard to get the most out of you, but they still keep it fun.

Thanks so much to my trainers who have improved my athletic skills to a level I didn’t think was possible!” 

- Grant Forney, Warwick High School varsity basketball team




Jane Rosetti

“I'd like to thank the Universal staff, and especially those who work in the Aquatic Center, for all of their help over the last months. After shattering my tibia and having to use a walker and crutches, my doctor recommended that I exercise in a warm pool as part of my rehabilitation. 

Your Aquatic Center employees were unbelievably helpful and gracious in getting me into and out of the pool on the lift chair. They were alway positive and cheerful. 

Coming to Universal’s pool was one of the highlights of my rehab.  In the water, I could comfortably ‘walk for exercise’ without the impact of gravity hurting my knee. Your team made it easier for me to get through this. I am grateful for all the times they activated the chair and got workout noodles for me. 

I also want to thank Universal’s staff members who continue to give me encouragement... you are the greatest people! Thank you, Universal, for all you have done and all you continue to do!”

RJ Boring, Age 6

RJ has accomplished many new skills during his private swim lessons at Universal Athletic Club. RJ's mother, Cara Boring says:

“RJ’s swim instructor, ‘Miss Deb’ has been wonderful. Learning to swim can be overwhelming, but Miss Deb has taken things slowly, making sure that RJ has fully learned each skill. 

RJ has gone from minimal swimming skills to learning all of the basics: Swimming the width of the 8’ section of the pool, working on side breaths, floating, jumping in and swimming to the side, diving down to the bottom of the pool for toys, and holding his breath under water. We are very pleased!”

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Ken and Marcia Miller

Ken and Marcia Miller joined Universal in November 2012 years ago on the advice of Ken’s neurologist.

“I have Stage 3 Parkinson’s disease,” Ken said. “It’s a progressive disease with no cure. Currently, only exercise or certain medications can slow down its progress, with brain surgery being the last resort.”

“I have a hard time motivating myself to exercise alone at home”, Ken continued. “Marcia and I heard about the SilverSneakers program that was covered by our health insurance, and were happy to find this program at Universal. We decided to join the club together, to encourage one another.” Read More 

Harvey Odell 

Harvey Odell arrives at Universal Athletic Club by 6:45 a.m. three days a week to exercise for 30 minutes on his own before taking the 7:30 a.m. SilverSneakers Classic class.

“I really like coming the club because of the people”, Harvey said.  “They are vibrant and fun and I love the camaraderie of working out with others. I wouldn’t exercise this well at home on my own!”

“Others in the class seem to be there for many of the same reasons as me. I enjoy keeping active and the friendships I have made. I love Universal itself because the club is well-managed and the employees do their jobs well.”

”Exercising has improved my life overall because it keeps me on my feet,” Harvey continued. “I feel more physically fit, and I can walk the golf course instead of ride the cart. Exercise keeps me young at 81!” 

Ron and Carrie James

Ron and Carrie joined Universal over two years ago after Carrie had overcome cancer and Ron had successfully recovered from a stroke. They decided to join in order to “get out of the house” and become more active. (Read More) 


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Peter and Molly Hughes - The Couple Who "GRITS" Together Suceeds Together!

Peter Hughes says that, in late 2012, he opened an email that started he and his wife, Molly, down a path that they never thought was possible. The subject line of the e-mail read ‘Pullman High 20-Year Class Reunion August 2013.’

“Thanks to this ‘dreaded’ event, I had the goal and the will to take my fitness routine to the next level,” Peter said. “In February 2013, Molly and I decided we would give the LES MILLS GRIT Series a try together.”

What a life changing decision for them both! After six months of GRIT team training sessions, Peter says he and Molly are in the best shape of their lives. Peter alone dropped over 25 pounds and has added lean athletic muscle!


Cafe U 

“The Cafe U shakes give me protein and the extra boost I need after a strenuous workout”.

- Steve Schulz, Universal member and publisher of Business2Business Magazines

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