Success Stories AT UNIVERSAL

"I completed my 'Success Plan' at Universal and now I feel..."

"Fantastic! The whole team at UAC has made sure I have been involved and motivated from Day 1. There are so many different ways to enjoy working out here!"
- Krystina Caudill

"Healthier, happier, more energetic and totally satisfied. UAC's Fitness Coaching sessions were appropriate and set for my needs."
- David Riportella

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NUTRITION & WELLNESS CENTER - Anthony and Margaret Mazzarese

“I had lost and gained weight so many times, and I was very tired of the yo-yo effect. I wanted something that would work for a lifetime,” Margaret said. During their journey with WEIGH WAY LESS, Margaret said “The Nutrition & Wellness staff members have been wonderful and tremendously helpful.They taught us to make wise decisions on choosing the most nutritious foods and the best times to eat them. Logging everything in a book is important, and we love how this program allows you to eat ‘real’ food... not pre-packaged items.  Just having someone to speak to directly once a week has been the key to achieving our goals.”

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MARTIAL ARTS - The Cohick Family

Universal Athletic Club congratulates Geoff and Amy Cohick and their children, Graham (age 9) and Charlotte (age 5), for dedicating their life to improved health and quality time together as a family.

"We originally wanted Graham to try Martial Arts as an alternative to the cold rainy days of soccer, said Geoff. "Then I started to take classes to support Graham and as a challenge to try something new for myself. Then Charlotte thought it looked fun and wanted to participate also."

Geoff and and the children have all passed several belt levels.  "We all have a great sense of accomplishment, and the kids love getting their new belts and certificates," Geoff said.

Geoff said he and the kids are striving to eventually achieve their Black Belts and beyond. But most importantly, they want to stay active and healthy, with a continued interest in learning new things.

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SENIOR PROGRAMS - Ann Herb, Fran Allwein and Libby Ross

“Universal offers everyone the opportunity to stay fit and connected in life itself. Many times as we get older we can become content just being home. Being alone as we age is not a good plan... stay involved! Universal makes that possible!” - Ann Herb

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Dawn and Angie met about a year and a half ago while waiting for a BODYVIVE class to begin. They struck up a conversation and realized they had so much in common. They both enjoy similar classes such as BODYJAM, BODYVIVE, CXWORKS, and Zumba.  

Angie and Dawn both feel it’s so much more fun to exercise with a buddy. They encourage each other to warm up by walking around the track before class. This is how they’ve had the opportunity to chat and get to know one another.

“We’ve become good friends by talking about everything during our walks,” Angie said. “Our friendship has since grown to socializing outside the gym too. We meet for lunch, go to each other’s family events and shop.  But we especially look forward to our taking classes together at Universal!”

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“With Thrive Sports Performance I feel like I am stronger on the
field. I think I will be more prepared for the cardio demands in
basketball when the season starts next month. Jon has been great
about making the program fit my needs. His workouts are really
hard, but I always feel great when I am done.” - Nick Kurtz




“I'd like to thank the Universal staff, and especially those who work in the Aquatic Center, for all of their help over the last months. After shattering my tibia and having to use a walker and crutches, my doctor recommended that I exercise in a warm pool as part of my rehabilitation. 

Your Aquatic Center employees were unbelievably helpful and gracious in getting me into and out of the pool on the lift chair. They were alway positive and cheerful. 

Coming to Universal’s pool was one of the highlights of my rehab.  In the water, I could comfortably ‘walk for exercise’ without the impact of gravity hurting my knee. Your team made it easier for me to get through this. I am grateful for all the times they activated the chair and got workout noodles for me. 

I also want to thank Universal’s staff members who continue to give me encouragement... you are the greatest people! Thank you, Universal, for all you have done and all you continue to do!”

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