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Reviews About Us...


"This place is absolutely incredible. I can’t say enough about this facility. My girlfriend and I are very happy with our decision to leave our former gym and join Universal Athletic Club. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and their care for getting you to commit to your health goals is very genuine.

The amount of resources at your disposal, to reach your goals and to accomplish greatness are unlimited. I promise there isn’t a better gym/facility in the entire stateof Pennsylvania. All equipment is state-of-the-art, the private studios are out of this world, and the amenities? Well, you’re just going to have to stop by the gym to see yourself.

If you’re really serious about physical fitness and living a healthy life, you’ll choose Universal Athletic Club. I truly mean that. You’re paying for more than just a gym. You’re paying for motivation and inspiration, and that’s just what being in this environment and in this facility gives you each and every time."

- Justin Perry Reed


"As a single mom this was my one and only escape; a family-oriented, safe, well maintained, state-of-the-art facility that really cares about its members. My children used to beg me to take them! Some days it was to go to the kid’s club and then I had “alone time” to work out. Other days we would swim together or go to yoga together, do boxing or train with Jill. In the summer it was camp, (and my girls still ask about Kim!) but no matter what we did there, it was wonderful!

Our family is so grateful to have Universal.  You just aren’t going to find another location that welcomes you and your children by name each day. Thank you!"
- MK Cantwell


"Our family has been a member for nearly fourteen years. Absolutely the best money we could spend on our fitness/wellness. Great workout and great camaraderie. UAC is #1."

 - Douglas Motter


New Members Are Saying...


“I completed my ‘Success Plan’ at Universal and now I feel…”

“Fantastic! The whole team at UAC has made sure I have been involved and motivated from Day 1. There are so many different ways to enjoy working out here!”
– Krystina Caudill

“Healthier, happier, more energetic and totally satisfied. UAC’s Fitness Coaching sessions were appropriate and set for my needs.”
David Riportella