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Aquatic Personal Training

Also offered at UAC in private sessions. Let us help you reach your unique fitness goals utilizing the benefits of water exercise!

Fantastic fitness option for all ages, including athletes and those recovering from injuries.Led by certified fitness or swim professionals, 100% personalized for you.

  • Ideal for those with physical limitations
  • High intensity workouts with no impact on your joints
  • Improved flexibility, range of motion and explosive power
  • Cardiovascular training while working against the resistance of the water
  • Water pressure on the muscles allows blood to flow more effectively through the body

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All UAC Aqua Fitness classes are included in your membership, giving you an effective, joint friendly workout. Choose from a variety of classes designed to suit your fitness goals, medical requirements and rehabilitation needs.

Class Descriptions

NEW! Aqua Tai-Chi

Enjoy a relaxing experience with our Aqua Tai Chi class in our 92 degree therapy pool. Perfect for stress relief creating improved range of motion and mobility. This Low impact class will feature deep breathing and stretching.

Aqua Fit
45 minutes. Mix it up with a variety of moves that work out the entire body. Easily adaptable for all skill levels and ages.  We will stretch, strengthen, and get our bodies moving in this fun, energetic class.

Aqua Jam
45 minutes. This fun whole body work out, taught in our main pool, is perfect for all skill levels.  Work out to music and improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Aqua Kickboxing
45 minutes. Aqua Kickboxing at UAC brings the fun and energy of kickboxing to the water! This class offers an upbeat cardio workout blended with resistance training.

Aqua Deep (Cardio)
45 minutes. Break a sweat in the water in this intense cardio workout. All moves executed with no impact. Core and cardio exercises will build strength and improve your fitness level. Flotation belts are used for proper body alignment.

Aqua Shallow
45 minutes. Focus on all aspects of movement. Low to medium impact. Can be modified to fit all physical needs. Equipment may be used.

Aqua Stride & Strength (Strength & resistance training)
45 minutes. Maximize your strength while toning, lengthening, and defining muscles. Using the natural resistance of the water as well as aquatic weights and exercise equipment, you’ll learn how to safely and effectively intensify your aquatic workouts. While all muscle areas are used, focus is on the legs, lower back and core in these medium impact workouts.

Aqua Boot Camp
45 minutes. This highly challenging class will offer strength and endurance training to give you an excellent cardio and strength workout. Intensity of workout can be increased by adding water resistance tools.

Hydro Flex 
30 minutes (Hydro Flex MAX 45 minutes). Improve and maintain joint flexibility, range of motion and muscle strength in this low impact class. Highly recommended for people with Arthritis, Osteoporosis and other joint related conditions. Arthritis Foundation guidelines incorporated.

Sha’Deep is a mix between shallow and Deep. We combine both classes for a fun, whole body workout!

SilverSneakers Splash
45 minutes. Open to everyone! Tons of fun in the 4-foot Main Pool to improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required, and a special kick board is used to develop strength, balance and coordination.