Summer 2019 Session Info
Session begins June 11

Summer Weekday Sessions
Offered in 2-week sessions, with three (30-minute) classes per week.  Classes are held on Tues/Wed/Thurs. Please visit our website for exact class times per age level.

Summer Session 1 – June 11-20 – COMPLETE
Summer Session 2 – July 9 – July 18 – COMPLETE
Summer Session 3 – July 23 – August 1
Summer Session 4 – August 6 – August 15
Offered in 2-week sessions, with 3 (30 minute) classes per week

Summer Saturday Session
Every Saturday from June 15 – July 27

Summer Sunday Session
Every Sunday from June 16 – July 28


Aqua Shrimp *Adult and Me Class* – (Ages 3 mo. – 3 years, Warm Pool)

Aqua Shrimp 1 (3-12months)
Saturdays 9:00 am

Aqua Shrimp 2 (1-2 years)
Saturdays 9:30 am

Aqua Shrimp 3 (2-3 years)
Sessions 1, 2 & 4 ONLY  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 10:15 am, 6:30 pm
Sessions 2 Saturday 10:00 am
For all Aqua-Shrimp Levels, babies/toddlers will:

  • Become comfortable in the warm pool
  • Learn swim skills through songs
  • Learn to float on back
  • Learn to go under the water

Preschool Program – (Ages 3-5)

Blue Dolphin (Warm Pool)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9:00 am, 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm
Saturdays 10:45 am
Sundays – 9:15 am
Upon completion of Blue Dolphins swimmers will:

  • Enter & exit pool independently using wall
  • Experience full submersion from ledge
  • Kick with kick board across the pool with little assistance
  • Float front and back with assistance
  • Independently jump into the pool to an instructor 

Swordfish (Warm Pool)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9:40 am, 1:40 pm, 5:40 pm
Saturdays 11:55 am
Sundays 9:55 am

Upon completion of Swordfish swimmers will:

  • Kick with kick board or streamline across pool independently
  • Independently jump in and return to wall or ledge with face in the water
  • Float for 5 seconds without assistance
  • Streamline off ledge to instructor with face in the water
  • Blow bubbles with face in water while kicking

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 10:20 am, 2:20 pm, 6:20 pm
Saturdays 11:25 am
Sundays 10:35 am
Upon completion of Stingrays swimmers will:

  • Independently swim 10 yards freestyle
  • Demonstrate side breathing during freestyle
  • Swim Elementary Backstroke 10 yards
  • Tread water for 10 seconds
  • Float for 10 seconds
  • Become comfortable in the main pool
  • Know when and how to call for help

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  – 11:00 am, 3:00 pm
Upon completion of Stingrays swimmers will:

  • Swim 25 yards – Freestyle
  • Swim 10 yards- Backstroke
  • Complete kneeling dive
  • Butterfly Kick 10 yards
  • Tread Water for 30 seconds

Elementary Program – (Ages 5 and older)

Level 1
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9:15 am 1:15 pm, 5:15 pm
Saturdays – 10:45 am

Sundays – 9:00 am
Upon completion of Level 1 swimmers will:

  • Display confidence in the water without an instructor
  • Blow bubbles with face submerged
  • Jump into the pool and return to wall or instructor
  • Demonstrate pool safety
  • Float on back 5 seconds without assistance
  • Kick on back with little assistance

Level 2
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9:55, 1:55, 5:55
Saturdays – 10:05 am

Sundays – 9:40 am
Upon completion of Level 2 swimmers will:

  • Swim length of deep pool with pocket breathing
  • Complete kneeling dive
  • Swim elementary backstroke 10 yards
  • Tread water for 20 seconds
  • Float on back for 15 seconds without assistance

Level 3
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 10:35 am, 2:35 pm, 6:35 pm
Saturdays – 9:25 am

Sundays – 10:20 am
Upon completion of Level 3 swimmers will:

  • Swim 25 yards freestyle with pocket breathing
  • Attempt a standing dive
  • Tread water for 40 seconds
  • Swim 10 yards backstroke

Level 4
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 11:15 am, 3:15 pm, 7:15 pm
Saturdays – 8:45 AM
Upon completion of Level 4 swimmers will:

  • Swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke
  • Complete a standing dive
  • Tread water for one minute
  • Successfully kick breast stroke 10 yards
  • Demonstrate Breaststroke Pull 10 yards

Level 5
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 6:00 pm * Sessions 2 & 4 ONLY*
Upon completion of Level 5 swimmers will:

  • Swim 25 yards Freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke
  • Complete a legal freestyle flip turn
  • Attempt a backstroke flip turn
  • Swim butterfly 10 yards

Level 6
Sunday evenings – See Stroke Clinics info
Upon completion of Level 6 swimmers will:

  • Swim 100 yards freestyle
  • Swim 100 yards backstroke
  • Swim 100 IM
  • Swim 50 yards breaststroke
  • Swim 50 yards butterfly
  • Master flip turns


Adaptive Lessons (All Ages, 30 Minutes)
Tuesday 6:00pm

Designed for children and adults with a wide range of special needs including autism, behavioral, communication, sensory, physical and social challenges. Our certified instructors design each swim lesson around the specific needs of each participant.

Adult Beginner (16 & Over)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 6:30 pm *Sessions 2 & 4 ONLY*
Ideal for adults who have little or no swimming experience, you will learn basic swimming and lifesaving skills to become confident in the water.

Adult Swimmer (16 & Over)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  – 7:00 pm *Sessions 2 & 4 ONLY*
Advanced swimmers looking to perfect strokes, train for swim teams, triathlons or specific goals.

Summer Lessons Pricing & Registration


Price Per 2-Week Session
Member Discount Price: $74
General Public: $89

*Pricing varies for adaptive lessons. Contact Us for details.

Call 717-569-5396 to register at the Front Desk or with Member Services, or REGISTER ONLINE via the button below. Questions about swim lessons? Contact Leah Darras, Swim Lessons Director, at [email protected]

Dakota & Dathan Nesbitt

“We originally signed Dathan up for swim lessons because we wanted him to respect the water. He had no fear and would jump right in without hesitation. He didn’t know how to swim yet, so it was unsafe. We felt much more comfortable after he started swimming lessons at Universal. We chose private lessons to best suit our family’s busy schedule and for the one-on-one attention.

Dathan’s goal eventually was to make the Overlook swim team before Kindergarten. He did that! His swim lessons instructor Ms. Leah had him practice freestyle and backstroke across the big pool many times when he was ready. He was one of the youngest kids to compete at five years old. He really loves the water, and private lessons were the perfect way to give him the basic life skills of swimming!”

Dathan Nesbitt (Age 5)As shared by their mother, Amanda Nesbitt

“Dakota was born with a condition called Spina Bifida. Although she is cognitively on the same level as her peers, her mobility is delayed. She is paralyzed in her feet and has reduced sensation throughout her legs. If she were in a group class she would require a bit more attention from the teachers just to keep up. Private lessons have helped her advance at her own speed while getting extra attention that she needs.

When Dakota first came to Leah at age one, she was using a walker and wearing braces to get around. She was just learning to kick her legs. Now, at two and a half, she’s walking, kicking and even floating on her own. Amazing for her!”

Dakota Nesbitt (Age 2)As shared by their mother, Amanda Nesbitt

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