Swim Lessons

For all ages in our heated indoor pool.

Swimming is for everyone at UAC! Not only is swimming a life-saving skill, it is also a full body exercise that strengthens and tones your muscles while increasing heart and lung function. Here at Universal, we have developed our own swim lesson curriculum to provide group and private lessons for babies through adults!

Why Take Swim Lessons at Universal Athletic Club?

  1. Small class sizes (2-6 children per class, or 10 for baby/parent classes)
  2. Available during all 4 seasons of the year in our Indoor Aquatic Center
  3. 92-degree Hydrotherapy Pool for beginner swimmers
  4. 15 classes to choose from during a variety of times to fit your family’s schedule
  5. Qualified, caring, experienced instructors
  6. Private sessions available to suit your personal needs
  7. Observation area for spectators to watch their child learn to swim
  8. Detailed instructor feedback after every lesson!

Group Swim Lessons
Our classes are instructed in a small-group setting of 6 students or less, featuring age and skill appropriate lessons mixed in with fun interaction among students.

Private Swim Lessons – Begin Any Time!
Private swim lessons for children through adults are also available by appointment 12 months out of the year. Private swim lessons at UAC offer the ultimate in personalized attention and convenience in scheduling. Ideal for everything from overcoming the fear of water to improving technique for swim team.

Dakota & Dathan Nesbitt

“We originally signed Dathan up for swim lessons because we wanted him to respect the water. He had no fear and would jump right in without hesitation. He didn’t know how to swim yet, so it was unsafe. We felt much more comfortable after he started swimming lessons at Universal. We chose private lessons to best suit our family’s busy schedule and for the one-on-one attention.

Dathan’s goal eventually was to make the Overlook swim team before Kindergarten. He did that! His swim lessons instructor Ms. Leah had him practice freestyle and backstroke across the big pool many times when he was ready. He was one of the youngest kids to compete at five years old. He really loves the water, and private lessons were the perfect way to give him the basic life skills of swimming!”

Dathan Nesbitt (Age 5)
Dathan Nesbitt (Age 5)As shared by their mother, Amanda Nesbitt

“Dakota was born with a condition called Spina Bifida. Although she is cognitively on the same level as her peers, her mobility is delayed. She is paralyzed in her feet and has reduced sensation throughout her legs. If she were in a group class she would require a bit more attention from the teachers just to keep up. Private lessons have helped her advance at her own speed while getting extra attention that she needs.

When Dakota first came to Leah at age one, she was using a walker and wearing braces to get around. She was just learning to kick her legs. Now, at two and a half, she’s walking, kicking and even floating on her own. Amazing for her!”

Dakota Nesbitt (Age 2)
Dakota Nesbitt (Age 2)As shared by their mother, Amanda Nesbitt

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