Benefits of “Real Food” Weight Loss Plans
Benefits of “Real Food” Weight Loss Plans

At some point or another, many of us have struggled to lose weight.

The biggest roadblock to weight loss is the desire to look slimmer, quickly. From fad diets to quick fixes in a pill, dieting in the United States is a $64 billion industry according to a study done by Marketdata Enterprises. So, today we are telling you to disregard those pricey dietary supplements and processed frozen meals. Losing weight by consuming “real food” provides the strongest long-term benefits to a healthier lifestyle.

What do we mean by “real” food? Real food is found in it’s most natural form with little to no added preservatives or sugars. Yes, this means cooking from scratch and not being dependent on processed foods or frozen meals. For example, eating an orange versus an orange-flavored ice pop that claims to be “with real fruit”.

Consuming food in its natural form is what our body needs to get the proper nutritional benefits. At Universal, our nutrition experts have compiled a list of benefits to real food for people looking to lose weight.

  1. Making Real Food Consumption A Lifestyle

    The road to weight loss should not include a diet consisting of over-the-counter supplements, a ’30 day liquid cleanse’ or even as far as restricting your food intake. The latest trendy diet may promise to deliver short-term weight loss, but is the weight going to stay off in the long run? What happens when you reach your goal, and you still don’t know how to keep the weight off? Sure, you can purchase prepackaged foods and shakes for as long as your wallet allows. However, a real food weight loss program is designed to promote lifelong eating habits and can be followed over the long term.

  2. Real Food Is Already Accessible to You

    You can’t guarantee the latest fad diet or cleanse will always be available to you in a store or for cheap. Fad Diets often include fronting more money than regular grocery shopping and although they may provide short-term results, it is much harder to keep off that quick-loss weight once concluding a fad diet.

    As an alternative, you can always venture a mile or two down the road and find somewhere to grab real food to eat; your local grocery store! Whether it’s a local produce stand, organic fruits and veggies, lean meats or seafood; getting into the habit of purchasing clean and non-processed foods is quite easy to do.

  3. Real Food Is Family Friendly & Fun To Experiment With

    Losing weight on a plan involving food from all the food groups is also family friendly, think back to the classic food pyramid. You can serve the same food you are eating to everyone in the household by modifying as needed to satisfy different taste buds. So ditch that frozen pizza or bag of fries! Slice up your own sweet potato fries or be fun with your meals. For example, have your family try a ‘build your own’ pizza bar; substitute portobello mushrooms for dough or even try mini zucchini pizzas.

  4. Hold Real Foods Accountable to Your Social Calendar

    Weight loss plans with real food also make it tricky to stay on plan when your social calendar is calling your name. Going to parties or out to eat can get tough. You may not always have the healthiest options available to you. So it’s important to stick to your plan and not fold. For example, grab a burger with no bun, choose the fruit or veggie platters over those bowls of chips and pretzels. Let’s face it, the latest diet trends are not going to be served up at the next work outing or summer barbecue, which is why real food consumption is actually an easy alternative.

So if you are thinking of taking the plunge to shed some extra pounds, start by hitting your local grocery store or market and shop healthy. Select real food for real eating.

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