By Jeff Wallace

The greatest benefits of Fitness Boxing exist within the types of training that were designed to prepare for “the fight” itself… without actually fighting.

Boxing yields maximum physical and mental rewards that positively impact a wide array of health areas. Many recent expert studies have shown how boxing can benefit people of any age, background, gender or ability level.

Below are a few key points as to why boxing training routines are beneficial to any individual.

1. Stimulation of Every Muscle Group

Boxing workouts mold better balance, incorporate a full-body routine and provide a perfect blend of both aerobic and anaerobic activity.

2. Physical Improvements

Boxing training is designed by a professional coach and can significantly improve one’s physical capacity. Areas of  expected improvement are:

-Lean Muscle DevelopmentBenefits of boxing infographic

-Cardiovascular Endurance

-Muscular Endurance

-Functional Power

-Speed & Agility

-Balance & Coordination


3. Healthier Mind, Mental Focus & Stress Relief

Boxing in general will trigger the release of those feel-good hormones called endorphins leaving you confident and happy!

4. Better Weight Management

Boxing drills include high-energy activities. The type of burn will help prevent calorific surplus. Combined with proper diet, boxing can certainly aid you in achieving that much sough after “ideal weight.”

5. Increased Bone Density & Joint Health

A human’s bone mass will naturally decrease by the time we near 40. Any type of weight bearing exercise that places a significant load through your bones, in this case, impact resistance, will reduce bone loss and may in fact enable you to increase your bone density and overall joint health. When left unchecked, bone loss can lead to serious medical conditions including osteoporosis.

6. Cross-Training

BOXFIIT workouts at Universal incorporate a variety of other components such as Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Jump Ropes, Battle Ropes and at times interval sprint drills. In its very essence, boxing will improve functional speed, agility and power and further aid in the athletic development for any sport. In fact, many collegiate and even pro athletes will utilize boxing as an effective method for cross training.

7. HIIT Training

Boxing at its very core is the pure definition of “HIIT” Training, which utilizes short high intensity bursts of anaerobic exercise followed by less intensive active rest periods. HIIT allows you to burn more calories than traditional workouts such as jogging. Overall, HIIT is a more effective use of energy.

Boxing Techniques with Benefits at Universal Athletic Club:

So, why should you look into Boxing Exercises? Outside of the seven benefits listed above, taking part in Universal’s BOXFIIT program gives a personal fitness incentive for each UAC member.

At Universal Athletic Club, our BOXFIIT Program is not only a fun collection of stylistic workouts, it’s also a program that can be personalized by our in-house boxing coaches to suit each individual participant’s fitness goals. Each Boxing drill is carefully designed so that both beginners and advanced individuals can apply themselves to maximum capacity without compromising the realm of their abilities.

If you have any more questions about boxing workouts or want to give one a try here at UAC, feel free to reach out to me any time!