15 Ways to get motivated to exercise

If you’re making a commitment to live healthier, congratulations! There are many ways to keep yourself motivated to exercise and make healthy choices. Here are my top 15 recommendations to stay on track:

  1. Read success stories of others.  Reading testimonials about the success of others can be very inspirational; you might be able to relate to many of their real-life challenges and triumphs.
  1. Envision how you are going to look and feel. Picture a “fitter you” to help inspire your next workout. What’s your favorite outfit that you wish you would feel fantastic in? How happy would you feel being able to physically keep up with your kids or grandkids?
  1. Set realistic on-going goals.Setting realistic, achievable goals is very motivating. It could be anything from losing a few pounds, being able to walk a mile around the track, or running your first
  1. Seek the help of a fitness coach or trainer. Working with a trainer will give you the education, support, and motivation you need.
  1. Keep an exercise log. This will help you set goals, see your progress, and have a sense of accomplishment.
  1. Don’t do it alone. Recruit a friend or two to exercise with you for extra encouragement. In return, you’ll help motivate them.
  1. Take Group Training or Team Training classes. The benefits of getting involved in a group fitness or training program  are incredible! From BODYPUMP to Aqua Fitness, or from Boxing to Yoga, the energy from the instructors and other class participants is contagious!
  1. Remember how amazing you feel! There is nothing like the feeling after a great workout. The sense of accomplishment and the “high” you’ll feel will keep you going all day. Remember that great feeling for the next time!
  1. Release your stress. All wound up from life’s daily ups and downs? There is nothing better at getting rid of stress  than physical activity.
  1. Make exercise convenient. If you are going to have trouble making a class on a certain day or time, try a virtual fitness class at a time that works with your schedule.
  1. If guilt works, then use it! If you feel sluggish due to a missed workout, turn that negative into a positive and use it as a motivator to make exercise a priority the next day!
  1. Think about how much better you’ll sleep. Forget buying that new pillow or mattress; numerous studies have proven regular exercise improves your sleep quality .  Link to a sleep study
  1. Vary your workout routine. You know the saying “variety is the spice of life?” The same holds true when it comes to an exercise program. Mix it up with different kinds of activities or programs so that you’re always challenging your mind and body. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
  1. Reward yourself. You’ve worked hard, so treat yourself to a massage, a new outfit, or something else you’ve always thought about, like personal training sessions  (link to new PT page you created. Make sure that your reward is something that will keep you on track, not set you back!
  1. Celebrate your success! There is nothing better than achieving goals that you set for yourself, whether big or small. So “bask in the glory” and use this positive feeling to keep you active and healthy all year long!

Let us help you get motivated to exercise in a way that works for you! Contact Us to get started on your plan to success.


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Balancing Act – Kids, Work, Family, School – oh yeah – and ME!

I bet you are waiting for the secret to balancing your life, wishing there was a magic recipe, but the truth is there isn’t one!  The bottom line? You must make the decision to add YOU, and your health, to the list of “Things to Do.” This decision does not come easily for many. Trust me; I get it. It takes determination, hard work, dedication, and organization. But it’s important to create balance; you are worth it!

Being a single mom is a lot of work. I have days, just like everyone else, that I just don’t feel like prioritizing myself. However, the difference between not allowing myself to creep up to 217 pounds (like I did in 2004) and now is the fact that I made the choice to put myself on my own “To Do” list. I now have the tools to get me through those days.

Everyone is different and, ultimately, the key to success is finding the tools that work best for you. Here are a few tips that may help get you started:

Start by really getting to know yourself and how you relate to exercise. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What motivates me?
  • What exercises do I like to do?
  • What exercises are the most fun?

Don’t just think about your answers, write them down so you can see them on paper. Seeing your written responses can make a huge difference.

Make friends and surround yourself with positive people (this is my favorite one!)
When I first became a member at Universal years ago, it was amazing how many friends I met in the classes. Even more amazing is how many of them would hold me accountable for being in class.

I remember a Monday night that I just didn’t feel like going to Zumba. I started thinking about all my friends dancing and sweating and having fun. Yes, the class would still go on with or without me, but I found myself not wanting to miss out on all the fun I knew everyone would be having. I “dragged” myself to that class…and guess what? I wound up having a blast and feeling really good about it!

I tell myself all I have to do is commit to 15 minutes. If I still am not feeling it, then I give myself permission to go home. But most days I end up staying for my full workout.

Most importantly, exercise has to be a priority, and it has to be scheduled, just like any other appointment. 
You need to think of regular exercise the same way you think about brushing your teeth or going to work. You might not FEEL like doing it beforehand, but you’ll sure feel better afterwards!

My kids need me to be healthy and strong so I can love them for many years and take care of them both physically and emotionally. Keeping up with my children and their needs is a priority! For me, my children’s health and well-being is a huge motivating factor in my choice to be strong and healthy.

I remember a friend asked me recently, “How do you find time to work out as often as you do?” I responded by honestly saying that there’s no way I would have the energy to do things that need to be done if I didn’t exercise. Exercise gives me peace of mind and clears my head so I can take on life’s many challenges and get through my day. I mean every word of that!

Remember, you are certainly not alone. If you need some guidance or direction to make this important lifestyle change, you have an entire staff of Universal Fitness Coaches, Trainers and Lifestyle Consultants to help you. We’re here to help you can accomplish anything that you set your mind and heart on!  Make time for you by taking some of the many classes included in your club membership, or contact us for questions about putting together a workout or wellness program just for you!