Accelerate your fitness goals! 60-minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts designed to compliment your strength training program, increase fat loss, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and motivate you to give it your all in an electric, team-based environment! All fitness levels welcome.


THRIVE TRAINING CAMP (alternating Saturdays at 8:30am): Sept 30, Oct 14, Oct 28

THRIVE training camp is designed by the team that brings you the #1 Training program in the country. These 60-minute interval training workouts focus on the safest and most effective exercises to create intensity with strategic recovery. This is the recipe for efficient results. Plan to move in stations, get motivated by world-class coaches, learn how to train effectively, and take your fitness to new levels.
It’s recommended you wear your MyZone to see the benefit of pushing to your max and to monitor the length of recovery time.

BOXING CAMP (alternating Saturdays at 8:30am): Oct 7, Oct 21, Nov 3

Be inspired to train like a champion! Some of the most conditioned athletes in the world are boxers right before the main event. Boxing camp takes elements of this style of training and delivers a 60-minute high intensity interval training experience that will accelerate your results. Experience a blend of heavy bag training, shadow boxing, body weight conditioning, rope training, and more. This workout will leave you feeling unleashed, accomplished, and sweaty!

UAC BOOT CAMP (every Wednesday at 7:30pm)

In this 60-minute high intensity interval training workout, anything goes! Team drills, circuits, partner training, challenges, games, and friendly competition. Prepare to see any combination of these elements of group based training to drive up your heart rate with planned rest. Expect to move safely, have fun, accelerate results, and get the ultimate in motivation.

First 3 workouts are always free to everyone!

Pricing Options

1. FREE to UAC members who are currently enrolled in a bi-weekly training program:  (Personal, Buddy, BOXFIIT, Thrive or Team Training). Includes unlimited BOOTCAMP and SPRINT! Just show up to class.

2. All other UAC members: Can add on unlimited BOOTCAMP and SPRINT workouts for a $30/bi-weekly membership enhancement.

3. Package Option for members: $99 for 10 sessions (or $15/session a lá carte) Can be interchangeable with SPRINT.