Building A Strong Foundation

UAC youth programs build the fundamentals of fitness in our young community members. Active lifestyles in kids and teens results in not only physical health benefits, but also higher cognitive skills – (think improved school work performance!) – as well as improved self-esteem and self-image, paving the way for happy, healthy, active adults.

Ages 12-15
Universal’s Junior Fitness Certification program teaches youth ages 12-15 proper weight training, fitness center etiquette, and safe use of cardio equipment. A Junior Certified teen may use selected fitness equipment without direct parental supervision, and must wear his or her Junior Certification badge in the fitness center.

Students must complete one 3-hour training session and test successfully in specified fitness areas.
All Classes Run 1pm-4pm
$45 per student

Basketball - Kids Sports Performance Training Lancaster PASPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING
Ages 7-18
The Sports Performance Program at Universal Athletic Club is designed to help youth improve speed, agility, and self-confidence for an athletic foundation. Sessions take place in a fun, age appropriate atmosphere by certified trainers and sports performance coaches.
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