8 Consecutive Weeks of our Weigh Way Less Program designed by UAC’s Registered Dietitian.

You will receive: 

  • 2 private appointments a week with a Lifestyle Consultant in our Nutrition & Wellness Center (appointments only take 15 minutes and can be scheduled at times that are convenient for you.)
  • Easy-to-follow food journal with a real-life eating plan. (No food products or meal plans to buy, no “fad diets”)
  • Recipes, educational handouts, accountability and support
  • Weigh-ins, body compositions and measurements of your progress
  • Plan is customized to your lifestyle and considers all body types and health conditions

8 Consecutive Weeks of our Thrive Functional Training Program, led by a certified Personal Trainer.

You will receive:

  • Functional Movement Screening prior to the start of your workouts to determine what improvements are suggested for your mobility, balance, and range of motion
  • 2 semi-private, 60-minute training sessions a week in a small group setting led by a certified Personal Trainer.

Why is Thrive Good for Me?
Our Thrive semi-private training offers you individualized workouts, but with the benefits of training with a small group! This approach to training often provides fantastic results, thanks to the camaraderie, support, and having a coach by your side – because your goals are our goals. Just ask a Thrive member and they’ll tell you – the next time they stretch to charge their phone, bend to unload the laundry or carry a child to the car, they’re more flexible and free from annoying aches and pains. Every day just feels a little more effortless.

A Few Benefits from Thriving:

• Builds strength and helps you lose weight
• You’ll feel better, reduce stress levels
• Better protects your joints from injury
• Scheduled exercise keeps you on track
• Takes the guesswork out of your workout
• You’ll improve your flexibility, mobility, and posture


Prime + Prep
Get your body ready for an effective workout. Increase your range of movement, improve blood flow, reduce the risk of injury, and limits discomfort for a quicker recovery from your workout.

Develops everyday movements like reaching, walking, carrying, lifting and bending so moving becomes much easier.

You use your core every time you move. When the core is strong, the rest of your body follows suit. The strength component of your workout firms muscles around joints resulting in less wear and tear, greater flexibility and increased mobility.

Condition your body and blast an insane number of calories in record time. The best part? The “after-Burn.” Your body will continue burning fat long after you finish your Thrive workout.

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