*All classes are 60-minutes and are led by a Certified BOXFIIT Coach/Personal Trainer. Most groups have 8-20 clients per session.


The TRAIN Class empowers your strength, power, endurance and core in a CIRCUIT environment. This carefully-crafted combination of cardio, strength, and boxing training includes 10 Stations to push you to your limit: Suspension, Rowing, Biking, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Boxing, Battle Ropes, Jump Rope, and Turf Exercises. The workout changes weekly, providing you with new challenges and goals. 


The Bag Class Series offers a boot camp style experience that works the body while cleansing the mind and soul of stress and tension. All classes include non-stop cardio fitness, musical excitement, core work, and full-body exercises. This is not an old-school boxing class; it’s about challenging yourself while executing with style!

In this high-energy, Muay Thai Style, Kickbox training workout, your coach will lead you through a results-driven workload followed by periods of recovery. Kick & HIIT incorporates longer, Mixed Martial Arts inspired rounds that include technical heavy bag work (using punches, kicks, elbows and knees). The workout also provides lower-intensity active rest periods and high-intensity, anaerobic bursts of heavy bag work. Each class is also prefaced with activation movements in addition to a cardiovascular warm-up. Every motivating session incorporates overload principles to enhance the development of lean muscle mass to get you leaner quicker while building overall power and core strength. Each workout will conclude with a stretch component to further enhance range of motion and focus on injury prevention. This class has been carefully crafted so that beginners can slowly get acclimated, while advanced participants can maximize their output in an environment that fosters the right levels of proficiency and growth.

NEW! BOXFIIT Fight Series
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January 17th, 6:30pm
January 18th, 9:30am

Each are 60 minutes of technically-driven interval training. Results driven, all fitness levels!
Limit 2 Trials per member.
Sign up with Jeff Wallace at 717-569-5396 or [email protected]

Universal Athletic Club BOXFIIT COACHES

Ryan Gulledge
Morgan Meckley
Sheldon McBee

Tricia Siegenthaler

Jeff Wallace
Courtney Wachter

Member Testimonials about BOXFIIT

“I tried BOXFIIT because I needed to reboot my usual gym routine with something more dynamic. I love feeling the stress of my work day disappear with each punch, and I leave class feeling empowered! In the past I rarely woke up early on weekends to hit the gym. But BOXFIIT has motivated me to set the alarm on Saturday mornings.”

Kim O’Brien

“I joined BOXFIIT because, truly, if anyone knew how incredible boxing was for the body, everyone would join! I am aware of all of the benefits, and having the ability to just take frustrations out on a bag can help relieve stress! The workout is based on what you can do and allows you to confidently push yourself. I have noticed my cardio becoming better and my arms toning up quickly and nicely. My favorite part is honestly the bond between other “fighters” and the coaches. It is truly a different experience and a family form!”

Sara Tompos

“BOXFIIT is the total body and mind workout. You test yourself mentally to push yourself physically. When complete I feel I am ready for any challenges the day can throw at me, not only with my fitness goals but with any daily obstacles. Why did I choose BoxFit? Because life is hard, don’t go down with out a fight.”

Wayne Stevens

“I decided to try BOXFIIT training at Universal. It’s a great new workout and tons of fun. My favorite part of the experience is the variety and high-energy environment. I feel pumped up and motivated and can just feel the stress from my day melt away. The workout has helped me lose even more weight and get toned. I noticed my endurance has improved and I feel stronger in other workouts.”

Robert Rug
Meet Jeff Wallace
BOXFIIT Program Manager at UAC
Please join us in welcoming Jeff Wallace as our BOXFIIT Program Manager. Jeff is originally from Philadelphia and comes to us with over 20 years of experience in boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness training.

Jeff is a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, Sport-Specific Training and Women’s Self-Defense instruction. He’s the proud father of two boys and enjoys spending time with his family, including his fiancé and their 2 dogs.

Learn More about the Fitness Benefits of Boxing Workouts – Read Jeff’s Blog