Gain an understanding of your health profile assessments in our Nutrition & Wellness Center.

All services below are provided by trained, caring professionals conveniently located inside Universal Athletic Club.

Biometric Health Screenings  (Risk Assessments)

Do you know your numbers? With a biometric health screening, a simple finger-prick blood test you will know your total cholesterol, HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol), glucose and triglyceride numbers. The screening also includes blood pressure and body composition results.  A Styku 3D body circumference scan can also be added to your complete health assesment.  The information obtained during screenings are used to help you set specific, obtainable goals.  Call today and schedule your appointment 717-569-4754.

Biometric Screening with 3D Body Imaging – $59
Fall Special –  $25! (Expires 10/31/17)


Biometric Screening for only $25, PLUS a FREE 3D Body Imaging Scan included!

Call N&WL Center at 717-569-4754 to learn more.

3D Computerized Body Scan (Styku)

Within a few short minutes, this 3D computerized imaging provides accurate body measurements and composition to help you set measurable goals with a clear timeline and strategies for achievable results! Receive a full report to track body shape and dimension changes along the way. Takes approximately 15 minutes to scan and review results.  Call 717-569-4754 to schedule your appointment today.

Scan – $25
Follow up scan – $15

Private Nutrition Consultations

One-on-one nutrition consultations with Universal’s Registered Dietitian, Jenn Reed, will help you achieve your unique goals, whether it be for weight loss, diabetes prevention/reduction, sports nutrition or recovering from a health condition. Call today and schedule your appointment 717-569-4754.

30-minutes – $40
60-minutes – $70