• local fitness program

Led by Universal Athletic Club’s Certified Personal Trainers

Open to all club members and guests. For all fitness levels. Come dressed to workout… and ready to learn!

How Sleep Effects Health, Body Fat, and 10 Proven Ways to Get Better Sleep
Presented by Gregory Tshudy
UAC Party Room

Besides the standard 8 hours every night, how much do you really know about good quality sleep? During this class you will learn how sleep impacts your fitness, health, body fat, and exercise as well as 10 strategies to improve the quality of your sleep to get you that body you’ve always “dreamed” of!

3/31 at 10am
4/28 at 10am
5/26 at 10am

How to Design and Evolve Your Own Exercise Program
Presented by Gregory Tshudy
UAC Party Room

Even though we can be so much alike, everyone’s body is different. What works for another person might not be what you need. In this workshop, we will teach you how to design an effective exercise plan that is tailored to your body and physical needs. You will also learn the key components your program should and shouldn’t have and how to evolve it as you grow!

 4/7 at 10am
5/5 at 10am
6/1 at 9:30am

What is Functional Training and How to Incorporate it Into Your Workouts
Presented by Gregory Tshudy
UAC Party Room

Are the exercise moves you’re doing functional? What actually is functional training? Whether you’re bodybuilding or just exercising to maintain your health, functionality should be a priority. Join us to learn about functional training and 5 easy ways you can make your workouts more functional.

 4/14 at 10am
5/12 at 10am
6/9 at 10am

All About Water: the Roles it Plays in The Body, and The Top 4 Sources
Presented by Gregory Tshudy
UAC Party Room

It’s just… water, isn’t it? Water is at the basis of human health and longevity. Far more valuable than food, going without adequate hydration sets in motion a ticking time bomb of physical depression and chronic symptoms. You’re going to learn what water actually is, how it impacts your body, health, and fitness as well as the top 4 sources to find the highest quality water.

4/21 at 10am
5/18 at 9:30am
6/23 at 9:30am