Heated Power Yoga is
and included in your membership!

Our newly renovated Studio 5 now features Heated Power Yoga, while continuing to be the home of BODYFLOW, Pilates and “regular temperature” yoga classes. Enjoy the many benefits of our Mind/Body Classes in addition to our strength, cardio, cycling, aquatics and Martial Arts classes… all included in your membership!

Private Yoga Instruction also available at UAC!

Mind & Body Classes at UAC


Powerful, energetic form of yoga held in a studio heated to 90 degrees. You’ll be led to move fluidly from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement. This type of yoga strengthens your body, increases flexibility and promotes stamina while improving posture and balance. You will physically sweat, release toxins and re-energize your body.


Improve your flexibility, balance and strength while connecting movement to breath during various types of yoga exercises. You’ll enjoy both physical and mental benefits.


BODYFLOW™ is the revolution in mind-body training that is changing the way people feel about their bodies. This class is a dynamic exercise-to-music program that leaves members feeling relaxed and renewed. BODYFLOW™ combines the best of eastern disciplines, like yoga and
tai chi, with popular new methods like Pilates.


This original ‘core workout’ will change your whole body and help you gain flexibility & strength. A certified instructor will guide you through floor and standing exercise. Modifications can be made for all fitness levels.

Hot Yoga Q&A

  • Q: What types of Yoga classes do you offer at UAC?

    A: We offer Yoga, Heated Power Yoga and Les Mills BODYFLOW. All classes are suitable for women and men of every fitness level, from beginner to advanced;no previous Yoga experience is necessary.

    • Our main Yoga classes offer a variety of poses to improve flexibility, balance and strength while connecting movement to breath.
    • Heated Power Yoga is an energetic form of yoga held in a studio heated to 90 degrees. You’ll be led to move fluidly from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement. You will sweat, release toxins and re-energize your body.
    • BODYFLOW combines Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates set to dynamic music.

    In all of these classes, you’ll enjoy both physical and mental benefits, which is why we often refer to this as our “Mind/Body” program.  All of these classes are between 55-60 minutes long.

  • Q: Do you offer non-heated mind/body classes?

    A: Yes, during our Yoga and BODYFLOW classes the studio is set to regular room temperature.

  • Q: How hot is it in your Heated Power Yoga class?

    A: For this class, the room is set to 90 degrees.

  • Q: How should I prepare for a Heated Power Yoga class?

    A: Is it best to come to this class well hydrated. Avoid eating a heavy meal 1-2 hours before class.

  • Q: What will I need for my first Heated Power Yoga class? What should I wear?

    A: We recommend that you bring your own yoga mat, although we do have mats to borrow in the studio. As many poses can be enhanced with simple yoga props, blocks and straps are also provided in the studio for use during class. In addition, we recommend bringing water and a towel, as well as wearing comfortable, fitted, flexible clothing.

  • Q: How will I feel after Heated Power Yoga class?

    A: Each person feels differently after Yoga. You may feel energized, tired, hungry, or have no appetite at all. Your experience both before, during and after class will be unique to you. This will evolve over time as you grow in your practice. If you find yourself to be sore or tired the next day, remember that this is completely normal. Listen to your body and modify as necessary, and, above all,  respect your own flexibility and strength.

  • Q: Can I take class if I am pregnant or injured?

    A: Everyone should consult with their medical professional before beginning any exercise regime, especially if they are pregnant or have an injury. In addition, before class begins, inform the instructor about your pregnancy or injury so he/she can address your specific issues and provide suggestions for  modifications.

  • Q: How long will it take before I’m good at Yoga?

    A: There is no such thing as being “good” at yoga. Your strength and flexibility will progress at your own pace. Our instructors are present to make sure you are safe and properly aligned; your only responsibility is to respect how your body feels with acceptance and non-judgment.

  • Q: Is there anything else I should know regarding before, during and after class?


    • Please remove shoes before entering the studio
    • Please turn off cell phones/mobile devices or set them to silent
    • Place personal items in cubbies located in the studio. We recommend leaving valuables at home or in a secured place.
    • Respect the sanctity of the yoga space and refrain from loud conversation
    • Please clean your space and wipe up water and sweat before leaving
    • Wipe Universal’s mats with disinfectant spray and paper towels available in the room, and replace the mats where they were hung on the wall.
    • Remember to take all of your belongings with you when you exit
  • Q: What type of Yoga Mat should I purchase if I want my own?

    A: We suggest mats that are made with polyurethane. These better absorb moisture to help you get a grip if you get sweaty during practices.

    Experienced yogis & yoginis recommend the following brands:

    Jade Harmony Mat

    Lululemon 5 mm Mat


    Manduka – GRP