Every journey begins with The First Step.

The FIRST STEP program is perfect for those who are completely new to exercise or who have health or physical limitations. It’s also well suited for those who are in post rehabilitation or in need of motivation and supervision when beginning a fitness program.

The FIRST STEP program is a 60-day, twice-a week supervised wellness program overseen by NSCA Personal Trainer & Post Rehabilitation Specialist Chris Williams. This program provides exceptional care, motivation & support.

Program Includes:

· Small group training sessions or aquatic fitness classes 2x/ week for a 60 day period

· Full access to the club through a 60-day membership

· Private cardio & strength training studios

· Group Training, Silver Sneakers, indoor aquatic center and more

· Complimentary weight loss or nutrition consultation

First Step FAQ’s

Q. What if I have no or very little exercise experience?

A. Then – FIRST STEP at Universal is for you! FIRST STEP is perfect for those who are completely new to exercise, or for those who have physical limitations or certain health conditions. Our program director will take into consideration your health history and current level of physical activity, and help put together a beginner program just for you!

Q. What type of exercise should I expect?

A. The program requires that you attend 2 supervised exercise sessions per week. This is a structured program led by fitness professionals that includes cardiovascular conditioning and strength training on circuit machines or through aquatics fitness classes. In addition to the 2 required sessions, you can come in as often as you like and take advantage of everything included in a Universal Club membership, including the indoor pool, walking track and more.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Simply stop in the club or call 569-5396. Ask for a Member Services Representative. All of your questions will be answered and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable.

First Step pricing:

60 Day Program for just $60
Must be 18 or older & a local year round resident to be eligible.*

For more details, come in or contact Member Services

*Current UAC members are ineligible for this introductory program. Physicians referral may be required. Ask how we may be of assistance.