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New to Group Fitness? Try an Ambassador Class!

We understand that attending your first group training class might be a little intimidating, which is why we have Ambassadors to help introduce you to small group classes. One of our friendly, knowledgeable class Ambassadors will meet you before class starts, help you get set up, introduce you to the instructor, and make sure you feel comfortable.

We also offer the 30-Minute classes so that you can try shorter-length workouts. See our class schedule for our listings of 30-minute classes.

PLUS, any of our classes can be modified to suit beginners, and you are welcome to leave class whenever you like. Just introduce yourself to the instructor before class, and mention you would like to see some modifications.

“I feel SO much better than before I started coming to Universal! My mood is elevated and physically I’ve noticed so many improvements!”

– Lori Buckwalter

“I went to every major gym in the area. Checking the benefits of each one there was only one that offered more than what I was looking for! Almost every class you pay extra for with the other guys is included at Universal! This is an amazing place!”

– Curt Ceresini

“Universal is the best equipped and maintained gym in the area! The staff, from the maintenance people to the instructors are all so pleasant and helpful! My day always starts well when I start with a workout”

– Margaret N