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“I feel SO much better than before I started coming to Universal! My mood is elevated and physically I’ve noticed so many improvements!”

Lori Buckwalter

“Since starting with Universal, I have seen a significant increase in my overall well-being. … I am extremely happy with my progress thus far, and look forward to continuing with my workouts.”

Beth Kehr

“I went to every major gym in the area. Checking the benefits of each one there was only one that offered more than what I was looking for! Almost every class you pay extra for with the other guys is included at Universal! This is an amazing place!”

Curt Ceresini

“I’m a Grandpa who wants to keep up with his 2 1/2 year old. I’ve been taking care of my grandson since he was 2 months old. I have diabetes also. I have been coming to the gym for almost 7 months now. I feel great and my A1C number has gone down. The people at UAC took away my fears of going to a gym. I got my wife to join also she is trilled with the waistline inches melting away. Your muscles don’t know how old you are. Exercise!”

Andy Goldsmith

“Universal is so helpful! They truly care about your success! They tailor everything to you personally and offer so many different options. They have a wellness and nutrition center as well as a spa and all the equipment you could ever need or want! The classes are what caught my attention. I’m trying hard to lose weight and they are there for my accountability and success! Recommend this place to everyone!!! Go check it out, get a tour!”

Sarah Eltman

“Universal Athletic Club is the gym that has it all. I’ve been regularly attending for the last 2.5 years and have been in the Thrive Program for the entire time. It is great to have a program that pushes you at the correct pace so that get results while making sure that you are doing it correctly. I’ve lost and kept off over 20lbs and pretty much resolved my lower back pain by strengthening my core. The Thrive trainers are truly dedicated to their clients and helping us reach the results we want.”

Stacey Smith

“I’m a stay-at-home mom and Universal has really brought us joy! It gets me and my 3 yr old out of the house, it gets us moving around and it brings us together while also giving us time apart from each other. I love all the available classes and it feels good to be motivated and energized while BONUS helps me shed some pounds!”

Maria Capri

“The Silver Sneakers program is so wonderful. The instructors are very sensitive to our needs, and so helpful in many ways! All of the staff is so nice and helpful, also. It is MY gym.”

Donna Lynn Hartman

“Just had a birthday party for my daughter at Universal. It was awesome. I’ve never been less stressed having/planning a birthday party. Kudos to their party staff!”

Regina Duell-Moore

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