Ambassador Classes Included in Membership

Off to the right start.

We understand that attending your first group training class might be a little  intimidating at first. This is why we have our class Ambassadors!

UAC Ambassadors are your personal introduction to a group fitness class:

One of our friendly, knowledgeable class Ambassadors will meet you before class starts, help you get set up, introduce you to the instructor, and make sure you feel comfortable. He or she will even take a few tracks with you! This is a great way to give classes a try with someone who is there to help.

Whether you are brand new to group fitness classes or have been a member for years, the ambassador program can help you find a new, fun way to exercise!

We also offer the following 30-Minute classes so that you can get your “feet wet”:

The instructor will take a few minutes to explain the purpose and goal behind a BODYPUMP class, as well as explain what equipment is needed. Then with the remaining time will teach 4 tracks, all with low impact options.

30-MINUTE YOGA (Returning at a later date)
The instructor will explain what to expect in a yoga class, the purpose of being barefoot and what equipment is needed. With the remaining time we will go through a slow, simple yoga sequence.

The instructor will get each member set up on a bike and explain the positioning so they are able to set themselves up on their own. With the remaining time we will coach 4 tracks, all with low impact options.

PLUS, any of our classes can be modified to suit beginners, and you are welcome to leave class whenever you like. Just introduce yourself to the instructor before class, and mention you would like to see some modifications.