UAC Helps You Succeed.  Guaranteed.


At Universal Athletic Club, our goal is to guide and support you… and to give you a specific PLAN for you to be successful with your fitness and health goals.

“Your Success Plan” is designed by Universal fitness professionals and included in your club membership! We’ll help you determine your unique needs, provide you with valuable resources, and show you everything the club offers to help you with your journey.

Your 30 Day Results Guarantee

Your 30 Day Results Guarantee

For more information about Your Success Plan at Universal, contact a Member Services Representative at 717-569-5396 today!

Why are we so confident?  Because it really works. And our members say it all…

“I’ve lost 22 pounds in 6 months, and Universal’s SUCCESS PLAN helped me get off to a solid start. I feel SO much better than before I started coming to Universal. My mood is elevated and I feel great physically!”

Lori BuckwalterUAC Member

“I now have a great working knowledge of the facilities and equipment. I also learned new and varied exercises. My Fitness Coach was very encouraging and positive!”

Dennis BaerUAC Member

“My Fitness Coaches did an incredible job getting me acquainted with the gym. I felt very overwhelmed about joining the club initially, but with their guidance it was attainable, doable, and well worth my time!”

Maria JablonskiUAC Member