Member Rewards Program

Get rewarded for being active!
Earn club prizes through Perkville 

How it Works

You’ll accumulate points to redeem select products and services for FREE at UAC! There are tons of ways to earn points including referring a friend, tweeting or even just by visiting the club!

1 Get Started

First, make sure your email address and date of birth are up to date in your account profile on our free Universal Athletic Club mobile app or by stopping by the UAC front desk. When you check in to the club next, you’ll get an email to confirm to opt in to our reward program, and then you’re on your way to earning points and getting rewards!

2 Collect Points

Get points for doing the things that you would do anyway!

  • 100 points for joining Perkville
  • 1 point each time you Visit UAC
  • 24 bonus points for 12 visits a month
  • 1 point for every 100 MEPs
  • 100 points if you Follow UAC on Twitter
  • 5 points if you Tweet @UNIVERSAL_AC
  • 25 points as a Birthday gift from us
  • 1,000 points if you refer a friend to UAC

3 Earn Prizes

Exchange those points for fantastic prizes!

  • 150 points Large shake at Café U
  • 300 points $10 UAC gift card
  • 300 points UAC T-Shirt
  • 750 points 1 Month of Hydromassage
  • 1500 points 1 Month of Boxing Training
  • 1500 points $50 UAC gift card
  • 4000 points 1 Year of Hydromassage
  • 6000 points 1 Month of THRIVE training