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View our most current class schedules.   Use your device as your scan card and more!

  • SEARCH “Universal Athletic Club” in your app store and download for FREE (app is by MiGym)
  • FOLLOW all of the steps below if you wish to setup your member portal and membership scan card right on your phone!

1) From the app home screen, click on the “My Account” tile

2) Enter your UAC scan card # as both your user name and password. (CASE SENSITIVE)

3) Follow the prompts to create your own new password. (Note, it will also ask you if you want to change your user name. We recommend that you select “No Thanks” and keep your user name as your membership scan card #.)

4) Go back to Home Screen of app

5) Click on the “Card” tile of the app. Enter your same user name and password from your Member Portal, and then click the pale blue “login” link. Your personal scan card will now appear after a few seconds.


What can I do with my Member Portal (Empower M.E. ) from my app?

Using Empower M.E., you can log in anywhere, anytime using mobile device to:

  • View class schedules and sync them to your personal calendar
  • Manage your member profile, payment methods and family member info
  • View your account history and club checkins
  • Register for club events and courses
  • And more!

What if I want to view my Empower M.E. Member Portal from a desktop computer instead of a mobile app?

1) Go to  to set up your Empower M.E. Member Portal

2) Enter your UAC scan card # as both your user name and password (first time only)

3) Create your own user name and password and save (this will be your new login credentials moving forward)

Do I have to use my phone as my scan card?

No, you can still use your plastic membership card.

When you use Emplower M.E., you take control of your membership so that when you walk through our doors, all you have to work on is your fitness!

Questions?  Email [email protected]

New Equipment in Performance Center/Functional Training Room

The New Year will bring a newly transformed Performance Training Center (Functional Training Room) inside the club! The center will still have a workout section open to all members, as well as other areas reserved for clients working out with a UAC Personal Trainer or Sports Performance Coach.
The center will feature an improved layout, new flooring and new state-of-the-art equipment… including Men’s Olympic Bars, Women’s Olympic Bars, Kettlebells, Mega Trap Bars, Safety Squat Bars, Swiss Bars, Olympic Hex Bars, Benches, Plyoboxes, 12 Extreme Racks, Medicine Balls, Lifting Chaines, Bumper Plates, Assault Air Bikes, Sleds, TrueForm Runners and more!  We will still have sleds for pushing as well as boxing bags. We will continue to keep members posted on the progress of this room!

NEW! Stealth Detox Performance Water

Your body is 70% water so why not provide it with the very best filtered and performance water available?

We now offer Stealth Detox Performance Water, which is micro-clustered strings of antioxidant water that hydrates faster than any other water on the market. Hydration is the key to preventing many ailments and illness and to optimize performance.


• Detoxes and neutralizes acid in the body
• Strong anti-oxidant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Stimulates energy metabolism
• Hydrates 8 times faster due to its micro clustered size
• Increases energy
• Protects the body on a cellular level from free radical attacks
• Transports nutrients and vitamins faster
• Never burn out
• No cramping
• Aids in speedy recovery
• Will help as you train to get stronger, lift longer and run faster

Stealth Water has amazing antioxidant benefits and will allow you to push through a vigorous workout without gassing out or cramping. It aids with recovery, as the micro-clustered water hydrates at the cellular level; any nutrients or supplements you mix with the water are rapidly diffused into the cells and tissue.

In addition, Stealth water includes the best filter system ever manufactured. Their filter removes plastic microns, bacteria, chlorine, lead, mercury, benzene, etc. (Micro-plastics are found in most tap and bottled water!) Stealth’s water system protects your body from chemically polluted water.


The micro-clustered size allows for rapid penetration of cells, giving swift energy and protection to the cells’ mitochondria and providing antioxidant protection to DNA. Bottled water is usually found in large clusters of about fourteen water molecules per cluster. Stealth Water is broken down to a third of that size.

To simplify it, the system’s Stealth Units infuse water with active hydrogen. Hydrogen is what makes this smooth tasting water the ultimate and purest form of rapid hydration. Hydrogen molecules target and neutralize strong free radicals while increasing levels of the enzyme NADH, critical for energy production in the cells.

The units provide 3 levels of clustered Stealth water:

• We start you off at Cluster 1. We recommend you drink 2 liters or more of Stealth a day for the first 3-4 days.

• We move you to Cluster 2 after the 3-4 days on cluster 1 and we want you to drink 2 liters or more of Stealth a day to get the most benefits, this is your everyday drinker.

• Use Cluster level 3 for high performance training and/or competition days, this is our performance water.

Every time you move up in cluster you, you increase the active hydrogen in the water by millions of microscopic molecules.


$1 for 16 oz
$2 for 28 oz
$3 for 64 oz

After drinking Stealth Detox Performance Water consistently, you will feel completely different from the inside out.

Questions? Stop by the front desk to learn more!