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Helen H.

Precision Nutrition isn’t just about nutrition. Precision Nutrition is my life coach. It gives great information about improving sports performance as well as learning better nutrition habits. I have learned a lot about “sleep rituals” and how important sleep is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have combined Precision Nutrition with boxing, thrive and massages by BLU to balance my experience at Universal.

Roger M
I eventually got an track by joining Universal ... everything improved but two years later my weight remained at 207. I realized I needed help to get back to my desired weight of 180-185. What I needed was a proven, formalized, nutrition and fitness program that would help me achieve and maintain my target weight. I like the daily checking in approach (that Precision Nutrition offers) to develop the right habits to succeed.

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Bemer circulation improvement machine programs nutrition and wellness center photo man sitting

BEMER Circulation Improvement

BEMER is a great way to boost local blood flow and enhance your athletic performance, recovery, and overall health and wellness. Using the power of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology, BEMER stimulates electrical activity in your muscle cells in just two eight-minute sessions a day. 

Recover with Hydromassage

Hydromassage Loungers & Beds

RELAX & RECOVER after your workout with a 10-minute HydroMassage! First trial is free, sign up with member services today!

Tanita Bioelectrical Impedance Body Scan Scale programs nutrition wellness weight loss photo

Body Composition Measurement

Tanita Scale Uses bio-electrical impedance to measures body fat, lean mass & total body water makeup, and estimates Basal Metabolic rate.

Fit3d Fit 3d 3-d scan programs nutrition wellness weight loss photo

Fit 3D

This 3D computerized scan takes several full-body measurements to help you visualize your results over time. From losing weight to building muscle, the Fit3D will show you how your body is changing.