Julia H.

Julia H.

I have arthritis and osteoporosis in my hips, spine and arms. I wanted to get stronger and more fit, and I wanted improve my balance so that I can take care of myself when I get older. I used to go to a chain fitness center, but a friend urged me to come to Universal Athletic Club because of everything it has to offer.  I found that UAC had better classes, equipment and personal training programs, so I became a member in October 2020.

There has been an entire team of staff members encouraging me at Universal since I first joined. My Fitness Concierge, Troy, helped me set up realistic goals to improve my fitness levels. For example, I’m responsible for walking 5,000 steps a day, either at the park or in UAC’s indoor track. He also suggested Thrive Functional Training at UAC to get stronger and to work on balance.

Thrive Functional Training is awesome! My Certified Personal Trainer, Tim, has helped me so much. I never would have thought I could lift 30 pounds or squat without my knees hurting, but now I can! I am always willing to try new exercises to help me get more fit or to help with balance.

I also love to take Zumba at UAC; I feel like I’ve become the ‘Zumba Queen’! THE END RESULT I am more confident overall, and I am getting to be a lot stronger than I was when I first joined UAC. I even amaze myself.

I love Universal; I exercise here every day. Everyone is so friendly. I would be heartbroken if I could not come and do my workout. I need to be there for my own sanity, and I like being with people. I want to thank Tim and Troy for all they do for me. A great big thank you also goes to my friend, Beth, who encouraged me to join. I would not be where I am today without everyone’s support. Best gym, staff and friend ever!