Kidz Klub

The UAC Kidz Klub is the place for everything kids.

The fact is : kids just love being here!

We provide a safe, friendly environment that inspires a love of play, independence and social interaction in our youngest members.


What do we do in THRIVE?

Well we THRIVE! If you want to feel strong, flexible and active, then you want to THRIVE!

THRIVE is a small group training program specifically designed to help you be stronger, move better and feel younger.

Martial Arts

The average cost of Martial Arts classes is around $150 a month.

But at Universal, Martial Arts classes are Included in your Membership! So not only do you get unlimited martial arts, but you get everythng else a Universal Membership has to offer. Now thats an amazing value.

Sports Performance

Fastest way to become a better athlete!

The Universal Athletic Club Sports Performance team helps youth build athletic skills by applying a scientific and innovative approach to training. Our state-of-the art facility combined with nationally certified sports performance coaches design training sessions that are specific to each athlete’s goals.

Functional Training

Get Stronger while Having Fun!

If you’re looking for a great way to get strong while having fun, then the Functional Training Room is for you. This room is intended to provide you with a different way of training. We have transformed what you might think of as a regular old workout area into a fully functional unique training space.