Guaranteed Results for a slimmer you by summer!

If you have Highmark insurance, your nutrition services may be covered.  Please contact Jenn Reed RD, LDN at 717-569-4754 for additional information.

“Shape Up” Plan Includes:

• 2 Nutrition appointments/week and real-life eating plan
• 2 hours/week of personalized workouts with a trainer (Thrive)
• Body composition and imaging scan for measurability
• Ultimate in support and accountability
• Customized plan for your unique goals and lifestyle

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Stop in the club and register with Member Services or call us at 717-569-5396.  If you wish to be contacted via email, click on the Contact Us button below.

Transformation Testimonial

“Having someone look at my food journal and not let me rationalize my bad choices was very helpful!  Plus the training workouts were challenging for me but doable.  I had a gym phobia when I first started, so having someone tell me exactly what to do, how to do it and push me a bit was exactly what I needed!”

Starla LandisTransformation Participant