8-Week Shape Up

Improve eating habits PLUS workout with a trainer for long-term sustainable results!

Guaranteed Results for a slimmer you!

8-Week Shape Up Plan Includes:

• 2 hours/week of personalized workouts with a trainer (Thrive)
• Weekly appointments, 9 total
• Body composition/imaging scan for measurability (FIT3D) at beginning  and end
• Ultimate in support and accountability
• Customized plan for your unique goals and lifestyle

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You can also stop in the club and register with Member Services or call us at 717-569-5396.

Transformation Testimonial

“The Shape Up program at UAC helped me get started on my journey to losing 16 pounds and 20 inches so far!  Thanks to the Thrive training as part of the program, I feel much stronger and I have less back, leg and joint pain. And because of my Nutrition & Wellness sessions, I’ve become very mindful of my eating habits. I find myself improving and continuing to meet my goals!” – Tracy Coder, UAC Member

Tracy CoderTransformation Participant