A 13-week comprehensive wellness program!

This program is designed to educate participants on ways to improve overall health, while striving to meet their personal nutrition and fitness goals. Our Smart Healthy You team is comprised of professionally trained and certified instructors, including personal trainers, lifestyle coaches and our in-house registered dietitian.

Smart Healthy You includes:

  • Health Risk Screening, including body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, and 3D computerized circumference imaging
  • 13, 1-hour nutrition/wellness classes
  • 13, 1-hour workouts
  • Group dynamic
  • And all the accountability & support you need!

Prices starting at $499 for 13 weeks!

Call to get started today – 717-569-4754

“I would highly recommend this program. It gave me the spark I needed to meet my short-term weight loss goal and to establish healthier eating practices that have benefited my family and me. I am more comfortable walking into the gym with a sense of purpose and a higher level of energy that will keep me committed to coming back.”

Lisa Ball