Congratulations to our Spring 2019 “Weigh In, Cash Out” Winners:

Female – Yuna Rybaltouskaya
Male – Nick Yarberough

$250 Gift Card Winners
Kathy Fausnacht
Greg Gillespie

We will post info here of any future contests. 

In the meantime, let us help you achieve your weight loss goals through Weigh Way Less.

Nutrition And Wellness Center At Universal Athletic Club

Member Success Testimonial – “WEIGH IN, CASH OUT”

I joined UAC after 31 years of poor eating habits, zero exercise and an array of diet attempts under my belt.  Universal has been a game changer.  With the club’s new member plan my husband and I felt comfortable trying new classes and machines. We truly push ourselves now, both at home and at the club, to consider our whole body health (and not just focus on the weight). I owe this win to so many amazing individuals at the club. Thank you very much for sponsoring this contest and  continuously keeping me and my work out buddies motivated.”

Dena Krebs

“While at UAC one day, I saw the giant mock check for the “WEIGH IN, CASH OUT” Contest. This became the motivator to try to establish a fitness schedule and put myself back together again. There was the obvious joy of winning money in the contest. However, the real prize was getting in better physical condition to enjoy life to its fullest.” – Leroy Weaver

In the Weigh In, Cash Out Contest, Leroy…

  • Lost over 30 pounds
  • Lowered cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Continues to be active in exercise including UAC Martial Arts
  • Now trains for 5K’s and Mud Runs
  • Won Cash!
Leroy Weaver

Dena Krebs

Leroy Weaver & Jill Carbonetti