Yoga center in Universal Athletic Club

5 Reasons You Should Sign Up for Yoga at Universal Athletic Club

Are you considering incorporating yoga into your fitness journey? Yoga center can be a great way to help you get in better shape—maybe you are trying to find an activity to help get your mornings started actively, or you think that yoga can be a great way to relax after a long day.

Whatever the case, yoga is an activity that caters to people of all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to channel your inner yogi or just looking to get back into the flow of your practice, there are many reasons to check out a yoga class.

1. Access to a Yoga Space to Practice

Participating in a structured yoga class typically allows for access to a space that is designed to provide the perfect environment for the practice. Ideally, you want a space with reduced noise. Unless you have the perfect space and a non-chaotic homelife, the clean, well-ventilated, quiet environment that a structured yoga class offers can be hard to re-create at home. 

Yoga is an activity that does not require much to participate in; most organized classes will also provide mats for members if you have not committed to getting your own. 

2. Organized, Instructor-led Classes

Attending an organized, instructor-led class is essential to learning the correct form and posture for effective and safe yoga practice. 

While yoga tutorials on YouTube may be somewhat effective, without an experienced yoga instructor present, there is a risk that you could hurt yourself by straining parts of the body unintentionally. In-person instruction from an experienced yogi will help you prevent injury and reap the full benefits of your practice. 

3. The Benefits of Maintaining a Yoga Practice

There are numerous benefits to keeping up with a yoga practice. Yoga increases flexibility and helps with sports injury prevention. It is a total body activity—strengthening core, back, arms, shoulders, and legs—and adopting a practice can be a great way to supplement other activities (i.e., rock climbers can work on shoulder mobility, runners can work on opening hips and stretching out calves, quads, and glutes).

Adding yoga to your weekly routine will increase your fitness. It is also a low-commitment activity. Most practices can be done within an hour’s time. Yogis will also profess that the stress relief benefits may even lead to more restful night’s sleep.


4. Yoga Accountability

Committing to a weekly yoga class can help keep you accountable and on a schedule. Not all of us are the best self-starters. If you pay for a fitness membership, you are more inclined to use it because you will be more invested—which, in turn, will hold you more accountable.

5. Access to Full-service Facilities

Full-service fitness facilities like Universal Athletic Club (UAC) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania offer members state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a full aquatic center with a pool, and a host of other fitness classes in addition to yoga studio access with organized instructor-led classes. 

UAC offers a variety of yoga classes for all ranges of skill levels. Our certified instructors offer yoga as well as mat Pilates classes. Joining a gym that includes yoga in the membership is a smart move because you get more perks and more access.