Yoga & Pilates

Let Go of Stress and Anxiety

Improve flexibility, balance, core strength and energy

All Mind/Body classes are included in your membership and are suitable for women and men of every fitness level, from beginner to advanced. No previous Yoga experience is necessary to enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of our Mind/Body program. Classes are between 30-60 minutes long.

Everyone should consult with their medical professional before beginning any exercise regime, especially if they are pregnant or have an injury. In addition, before class begins, inform the instructor about your pregnancy or injury so he/she can address your specific issues and provide suggestions for modifications.

Mind/Body Classes Offered at Universal


Improve your flexibility, balance and strength while connecting movement to breath. Each class will include both standing and floor work to benefit the body and mind. This class is appropriate for beginners to advanced students and everyone in between.

gym ephrata

Heated Power Yoga

In this fast-paced class, the instructor will guide you through a power vinyasa sequence in a room heated to 90 degrees. The fluid movement between poses and regulated breathing of vinyasa yoga improve strength, endurance, flexibility and mental clarity. Variations are given to suit each unique body, so beginners and advanced students can enjoy the benefits of this practice. From child’s pose to savasana, this class is an extraordinary experience for mind, body and soul.

Lesmills Bodybalance

BODYBALANCE s a dynamic, yoga-based class set to music. Including elements of tai chi and pilates, it’s a revolution in mind-body training. Participants of all levels will leave class feeling energized and renewed.


Mat Pilates

So much more than an ab workout! This mat-based class will move your joints in a healthy range of motion, increase breath capacity and restore balance and flexibility. Leave class feeling longer and stronger from head to toe.

Yoga/Heated Power Yoga Basics

In this 30 minute instructional class, available in both heated and unheated options, the instructor will break down the vinyasa power yoga sequence in a workshop-like format. The slower pace allows time for detailed instructions on the asanas (poses) and time for questions. Everyone can benefit from this class, either as a starting point for those new to yoga or an addition to an existing practice.


Yin Yoga

Using long holds and a slow pace, Yin Yoga provides a deep stretch to the fascial tissues. Blankets, pillows, blocks and straps provide support as you surrender to each pose. Each of the 3-5 seated or reclined poses allow time and gravity to lengthen and untangle the connective tissues surrounding the muscles and joints. Yin yoga asanas use lots of props, that are provided, or you can bring your own pillows, blankets, blocks, and straps.This class is beneficial on it’s own, or a great add-on to a HPY class.


Yoga Etiquette

  • Always remember to remove your shoes before entering the studio.
  • Respect the sanctity of the yoga space and speak quietly.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes or scented products to class
  • Please turn off all mobile devices or set them to silent.
  • Clean your space and wipe up all water and sweat before leaving.
  • Place personal items in the cubbies. Try to leave valuables at home.
  • Wipe mats with available disinfectant and hang them back on the wall.