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Refuel and Recover with a wide variety of pre-or post-workout shakes, coffee, Grab-N-Go snacks, energy bites and more!

Whether you're getting ready for your next session or cooling off after an intense lift, your body needs energy to keep you running - and that's where we come in. Cafe U has something for everyone.

Say goodbye to high-calorie, low-protein smoothies that don't give you the nutrition your body craves or the fuel your muscles need.

Cafe U has something for everyone.

we've got a variety of flavors, add-ins, and substitutions that will give your body exactly what it needs while still tasting great. We even have shakes just for the kids (like the Cookie Monster!) Next time you're looking to refuel you know where to go!

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Like plenty of veggies and fruits in your shakes

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Have a sweet tooth for chocolate protein and peanut butter

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Need a hit of caffeine to keep you energized

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Are all about that oatmeal and protein life


Cafe U Offers An Extensive Shake Menu

Cafe U offers a shake menu with a variety of flavors and juices, offering both high protein shakes, as well as low calorie burner options. Don't worry, we didn't forget about the little ones. We have shakes available on our Kids menu as well. With a busy schedule, it isn't always easy to get the full amount of nutrients needed in your diet, and you may not have time to meal prep. Enhance your shake with additives such as creatine, glutamine, energy blend, fat burning blend, spinach, kale, and much more!

Glutenfree and plant based options are also available

Shake Pre-Order

If you are in a rush you can pre-order your shake!

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Stop at the Cafe before your workout and we will have your shake ready for you to pick up on your way out.

Snacks & Meal Supplements

We offer a wide varity of healthy protein bars, cookies and energy bites that will keep you going all day long and our refrigerators are always full of ice cold water, sports drinks and energy boosters that will replace those essential nutrients your body needs.