Millersville Swim Center

Come Make A Splash In Our World Of Water

Get in the water and get moving!

We’re committed to providing a clean and safe area for all our members to enjoy a year-round swim experience. The Universal Athletic Club indoor Aquatics Center near Millersville, PA is the perfect place for relaxation, warm water therapy, lap swimming, swim lessons, aqua fitness classes and more – If you enjoy being in the water, there is something for you.

Indoor Swim Center Amenities near Millersville Include:
  • 82° Main Pool with lanes for lap swimming & water walking
  • 82° Deep Pool with Aqua-trend & tethering stations
  • 92° Warm Pool with aqua jets & bench seat
  • 102° soothing Hot Tub
  • 55° Cold Tub for post workout recovery
  • Steam Room with a relaxing mentholyptus scent
  • Fully equipped modern men’s & women’s changing rooms
  • 2 Wheelchair Accessible Family Changing Rooms
  • Climate controlled private observation area

Swim Lessons

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Adult & Me

Ages 3 mo. – 3 years

There are no make up sessions for missed group lessons.

Aqua Shrimp

(Ages 3 mo. – 3 years)
  • Become comfortable in the warm pool
  • Learn swim skills through songs
  • Learn to float on back
  • Learn to go under the water


(Ages 2 – 3 years)
  • Just our swimmers and the instructor. Caregivers will watch from our observation area! This class ratio is 3:1 so our spots will fill up quickly. We will teach this class in our 92 degree warm pool and introduce early swim skills such as: submersion, floating, kicking, and breathing. Our focus for this small group is teaching our swimmers what to do in a group setting and help prepare them for our Blue Dolphin class. If you are looking for an adult and me class for this age group, please check out our Aqua Shrimp classes!


Ages 3 - 5 years

There are no make up sessions for missed group lessons.

Blue Dolphin (Ages 3 - 5)

  • Enter & exit pool independently using wall
  • Experience full submersion from ledge
  • Kick with kickboard across the pool with little assistance
  • Float front and back with assistance
  • Independently jump into the pool to an instructor

Swordfish (Ages 3 - 5)

  • Kick with kickboard or streamline across pool independently
  • Independently jump in and return to wall or ledge with face in the water
  • Float for 5 seconds without assistance
  • Streamline off ledge to instructor with face in the water
  • Blow bubbles with face in water while kicking

Stingray (Ages 3 - 5)

  • Independently swim 10 yards freestyle
  • Demonstrate side breathing during freestyle
  • Swim Elementary Backstroke 10 yards
  • Tread water for 10 seconds
  • Float for 10 seconds
  • Become comfortable in the main pool
  • Know when and how to call for help


Ages 5 and older

There are no make up sessions for missed group lessons.

Level 1 (Ages 5 and older)
  • Display confidence in the water without an instructor
  • Blow bubbles with face submerged
  • Jump into the pool and return to wall or instructor
  • Demonstrate pool safety
  • Float on back 5 seconds without assistance
  • Kick on back with little assistance
Level 2 (Ages 5 and older)
  • Swim length of deep pool with pocket breathing
  • Complete kneeling dive
  • Swim elementary backstroke 10 yards
  • Tread water for 20 seconds
  • Float on back for 15 seconds without assistance
Level 3 (Ages 5 and older)
  • Swim 25 yards freestyle with pocket breathing
  • Attempt a standing dive
  • Tread water for 40 seconds
  • Swim 10 yards backstroke
Level 4 (Ages 5 and older)
  • Swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke
  • Complete a standing dive
  • Tread water for one minute
  • Successfully kick breaststroke 10 yards
  • Demonstrate Breaststroke Pull 10 yards

Specialty Swim Lessons

20 Min. One-On-One

Ages 0 – 5 Years

We require 24 hours notice for all private lessons cancellations. Lessons cancelled within the 24 hour period will be lost.

To register for 20 minute classes, please contact Leah at or call or text 717-341-8258
Our experienced swim instructors are now offering 20 minute lessons one-on-one lessons.
  • Ages 0 - 5 Years
  • Frequent repetitive lessons help child learn faster
  • Single 20 minute lesson $33
  • 20 Lesson Package only $594

For more details contact Leah Darras at or 717-341-8258.

Private Swim Lesson

Babies through Adult

We require 24 hours notice for all private lessons cancellations. Lessons cancelled within the 24 hour period will be lost.

To register for private lessons, please contact Leah at or call or text 717-341-8258
Private swim lessons for babies through adults are available by appointment year round. Sessions are led by our qualified swim instructors in Universal’s indoor heated pool. For more details contact Leah Darras at or 717-341-8258.

Adult Beginner

Ages 16 and over

We require 24 hours notice for all private lessons cancellations. Lessons cancelled within the 24 hour period will be lost.

To register for private lessons, please contact Leah at or call or text 717-341-8258
(16 & Over) Ideal for adults who have little or no swimming experience, you will learn basic swimming and lifesaving skills to become confident in the water.

Seasonal Swim Training

Masters Swim

18+ Years

What is the difference between Regular Swim Lessons and Master Swim Lessons?
  • More Structure
  • More Coaching
  • More Accountability
  • Faster Results
There are 4 Different Types Of Swimmers That Can Benefit From UAC’s Structured Masters Swim Program
  • Fitness Swimmers
  • Competitive Swimmers
  • Triathletes
  • Open Water Swimmers
Contact Aquatics Director, Leah Darras for more details, scheduling and pricing.

Swim Team Training

8 & Under and 9 & Up

Prepare for Summer Swim team with training sessions at Universal! This class is designed for swimmers ages 9 and older who are planning on swimming competitively in summer of 2022. This is not a swim lesson. All children entering this class should already be able to swim 25 yards freestyle.  These training sessions will focus on improving stroke and technique to help your swimmer prepare for summer swim team.
infant and baby swim classes

Aqua Fitness Classes

All UAC Aqua Fitness classes are included in your membership and offer you an effective, joint friendly workout option. Choose from a variety of classes designed to suit your fitness goals, medical requirements and rehabilitation needs. Great for all ages, swimming ability or athletes and those recovering from injuries. Classes are led by certified fitness or swim professionals

Aqua Fusion

This dynamic aquatic workout merges cardio and strength training, harnessing the resistance of water for a full-body workout.

Aqua Dance

Make a splash during this party in the water that will keep you moving while having fun to your favorite music.

Aqua Bootcamp

This highly challenging class will offer strength and endurance training to give you an excellent cardio and strength workout. Intensity of workout can be increased by adding water resistance tools.

Active Agers

This class is designed to get you moving with low impact. A variety of traveling exercises will offer a cardio workout to improve range of motion, muscular strength and stamina while decreasing stress of the joints.

Aqua Stretch

Loosen and relax tight muscles with slow exercises performed in water. Reduce back pain and overall stiffness while improving flexibility and core strength with exercises in the pool. Low or no-impact and increased resistance. Increase your stamina and endurance while taking it easy on your joints and bones.

Aqua Tai Chi

Water Tai Chi is a water exercise and relaxation program that has been created to help us enjoy the water in a flowing yet powerful progression. Tai Chi increases oxygen and caloric consumption simply with correct form and positioning in the water. Water’s buoyancy and three dimensional resistance allows people to move in ways that can help best meet their individual fitness needs and prepare their body for daily activities. We aim is to strengthen lower extremities, trunk and back muscles by using water’s resistance to improve muscular strength and endurance. In addition, we incorporate the inherit properties of the principles of Tai Chi to enhance, develop and expand the mind-body connection.

Lifeguard Training, Certification & Re-Certification

Lifeguard Training

15+ Years

Full Certification Sessions are SOLD OUT- Space available in Re-Certification beginning 5/19/24

Re-Certification Sessions:

Sunday 5/19 · 8am-6pm

Contact Aquatics Director at LeahD@UniversalAthleticClub with any questions or to register.

Universal’s American Red Cross Lifeguarding course is designed to prepare individuals with the skills to serve as qualified lifeguards in a swimming pool environment. This course emphasizes prevention, victim recognition, equipment rescues, first aid, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer.

Participants must be 15 years old by the end of the last course date, and must attend all sessions within a course. Specific swimming prerequisites are required.


Lap Swimming

5 lanes are reserved for lap swimming weekdays from 5-7 AM and weekends from 7-9 AM. At least one lane is set aside all day, every day for lap swimming. We encourage swimmers to share a lane when needed.

Family Swimming

The Swim Center is included in a Universal Membership which makes it perfect for family swim time. There may be hours when certain sections are reserved for private swim lessons.

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