Lynn J.

Lynn J.

My husband and I initially tried Universal Athletic Club for 6 weeks when the gym we belonged to previously was temporarily shut down. After my first day at Universal, there was no going back to my old gym! From the moment I first walked in the door, I felt welcomed, supported and never once judged.

UAC has provided a team of coaches that all want to see me reach my physical goals and succeed. I start every weekday with Grace’s smiling face welcoming me at the front desk, (bright and early at 5am) with a towel already waiting for me.

Getting Started on a Success Path Upon joining the club, my Fitness Concierge, Sam, gave specific, helpful suggestions during our first complimentary ‘getting started’ meeting. She recommended classes that would be good for me as well as personalized strength training programs. I’m a prior gymnast with an injury, and I find Sam to be patient, understanding, encouraging and honest. Sam also introduced me to the MyZone fitness tracker and the club-wide and worldwide challenges. Now, I don’t want to miss a day of exercise or I’ll fall behind on my MEPs!

Every 6 weeks Sam reviews my progress with the body scan. She celebrates my accomplishments with me and helps me set my goals for the next 6 weeks. She has been (and will continue to be) instrumental in my progress and success.

Motivation and Inspiration through Group Fitness Classes Prior to joining UAC, my ‘go to’ had always been an hour on the elliptical. Now that I’m at Universal Athletic Club, I’m enjoying my workouts so much more because of all of the different classes that are included in my membership.

A typical week starts with me taking Yoga class with Beth Watts. I love her soothing, calming voice. It is perfect for a Sunday morning to clear my head and get ready for a new week, while getting in a great workout. Having never done Yoga before, Beth set me up with bands and blocks in case I needed them for assistance, and a perfect spot to be able to observe the yoga ‘veterans’. After Yoga, I love to continue the great feeling with a Hydro Massage.

BODYATTACK is one of my other favorite Group Fitness classes. Whether it’s Liz, Nicci, Allie or Allyson instructing, I love the liveliness, variety and the coaches pushing me with comments like ‘this is what change feels like!’ I always have a blast! (And When Beth takes the class with me, her energy and excitement is contagious!) In BODYPUMP Jackie pushes me through all the lunges and presses and encourages me to ‘keep going, this is what you came here for!’

Moving & Feeling Better through Thrive Training Most incredible are my Thrive Functional Training sessions with Asher. He understands my previous injury and has pulled me out of my comfort zone. He has shown me what my body is truly capable of and not to restrict myself to my own mental limits. Whether it’s adjusting the program to my increasing abilities, or finding me a dumbbell that is 10lbs heavier than what I had, Asher always challenges me with new move. He has shattered what I thought were my physical capacities. Asher has proved to me that I accomplish my goals, and that if I stick with the Thrive program, I can achieve so much more. He pushes me to surpass my limits each week and improve upon each success. His knowledge and encouragement have changed my outlook on how to have a great workout! He lets me know when I am ‘killin it’ and when I need to push more. Asher is crucial in my success and I wouldn’t have achieved what I have so far without him. I also enrolled in Precision Nutrition, which has given me a different outlook on eating and how to make small improvements.

The Universal staff members have made fitness, nutrition and health an empowering, inspirational experience that has changed my life. They set the tone of the gym and create the positive, encouraging attitude that I see everyday. This permeates to all of the members resulting in what is an absolutely amazing atmosphere. UAC is far superior to my previous gym. Other gyms don’t ‘stack up’ and there is no other place like this!

UAC has all of the best equipment and is extremely clean. It’s an amazing facility that caters to any individual’s age, ability and interests. Most of all, it’s the people that make it so incredible. In my first three months, I have accomplished more than I ever could have on my own, and I have the rest of my life to enjoy at UAC. I absolutely love UAC and couldn’t be more thankful that my husband and I have found our place here!