Martial Arts

5 Reasons to Go to Our Martial Arts School

Did you know that Taekwondo is an Olympic sport that anyone can participate in? A blend of physical and mental activities, the Korean art of Taekwondo puts emphasis on kicking technique, the direct translation is “The way of the foot and the fist” (emphasis on the “foot”). 

Live in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area and are interested in martial arts training? You might be surprised to learn that there are several martial arts places local to you, so what makes us different?  At Universal Athletic Club, Martial Arts Classes Are Included In Your Membership. So, why pay more somewhere else when you can do martial arts and get everything else Universal Athletic Club has to offer for less!

Universal Athletic Club (UAC) offers expert instruction through a program with International Certification and Belt Testing through the Korean Kukkiwon Certification system. Interested in checking our martial arts classes but need some extra incentive? Here are five reasons why you should check out our martial arts club and sign up for a Taekwondo class at UAC.

1. Taekwondo Teaches Focus and Discipline

At Universal, we offer a structured martial arts school which will help you achieve your goals. Students in the Universal Martial Arts Program will receive Dan/Poom and Gyup Certifications through the UNTN (USA National Taekwondo Network). Because of the international certification, students who continue to work through the ranks can qualify to compete in Olympic Taekwondo. All students have the opportunity to earn a world-recognized Taekwondo certification.

2. Taekwondo Improves Strength and Balance

Universal’s Taekwondo practice will help you build strength and improve your balance. Kicking and punching requires a certain level of core stability and strength. It also requires a mastery of balance and coordinated movements. 

Studies have shown that freestyle karate benefits balance. Taekwondo’s emphasis on kicking builds leg strength and requires practicing balance. Studies support that Taekwondo improves walking dexterity and trains the body to maintain stability while executing dynamic movements.

3. Taekwondo Encourages the Individual and Has a Social Aspect

Because Universal’s Taekwondo is taught in a group setting it allows for positive social learning. While ascending belt ranges can be seen as an individual pursuit, students spend time alongside their peers honing their martial arts abilities in a group setting.

Students are encouraged to support one another and celebrate one another’s wins. Some of the most impactful friendships are forged through common interests. 

4. UAC Students Who Work Through the Ranks Can Qualify to Compete in Olympic Taekwondo

Students who enroll in the Universal Martial Arts Program have the opportunity to receive Dan/Poom and Gyup Certifications through the USA National Taekwondo Network (UNTN). This international certification allows dedicated students who want to ascend through the belt ranks to qualify to compete in Olympic Taekwondo and earn a globally recognized Taekwondo certification. This level of mastery can only be achieved through accredited classes like the one offered at our martial arts studio.

5. Anyone Can Do It (And It’s Fun!)

Universal Athletic Club’s martial arts studio caters to individuals of all ages and levels of practice. Whether you are a beginner or have already begun to develop your Taekwondo practice, our classes have something to offer you. Our martial arts program is suitable not only for children as young as 4-years-old but for adults as well.

A bonus to taking a martial arts class: it’s fun! Our instructors are experts in leading group Taekwondo classes and with a good group, the energy can be dynamic. Group classes can add a layer of fun interaction to your martial arts practice.

Join Universal Today or sign Up for 3 Months of Unlimited Classes

Interested in training in our martial arts studio? Right now, take advantage of our current club membership offers at Universal Athletic Club and enjoy everything the club offers including Martial Arts! If you are looking to only join our Martial Arts program, without the club, check out our special for 3 months of unlimited martial arts classes for just $199.  Have more questions or want to drop in and check out what UAC has to offer? Schedule a tour, or just drop by and chat with our staff and take a tour of our athletic facility or call 717-569-5396.