Whether you’re a parent enrolling your child in swim classes or an adult looking to include aqua fitness classes into your exercise routine, Universal Athletic Club (UAC) has the perfect place to meet everyone’s needs. Our Swim center offers it all! Our 10,000 square foot indoor swim center is state of the art and the water in our main pool is heated to 82 degrees.

Swim Lessons:swim lessons

UAC’s swim center offers group, private, adaptive & adult swim lessons, as well as Aqua Fitness classes to help everyone to develop confidence in the water in a low pressure setting. Our expert instructors for swim classes for all ages starting at 3 months all the way through to adult!

Our private lessons are 20-minute one-on-one sessions between 9 am and 4 pm during the week, so your kids can get more time in the water.

We also offer adaptive swim lessons for special needs students, adult learner lessons for ages 16 and up, and family swim hours. If you’re into lap swimming, five lanes are reserved in the mornings (both during the week and weekend).

Our group lessons are offered to babies as young as 3 months through preschool and school aged children. They include aqua-shrimp, preschool, elementary , intermediate and advanced levels.

Aqua-shrimp are our mommy and me swim classes. The classes range from 3 months through 3 years, introducing students to water safety and independence.

Children aged 3 to 5-years-old can enroll in our Preschool classes. In Blue Dolphin swim classes  they will learn to get in and out of the pool on their own, practice full submersion along with front and back floating techniques, and even jump into the pool. Kids will also kickboard across the pool with some instructor assistance. Our Swordfish class advances Blue Dolphin skills. Your kids will kickboard across the pool independently, building confidence in the water. They’ll also do short, unassisted floats and independently jump into the pool and return to the wall. The advanced Stingray class takes things further, teaching the kids to swim freestyle independently for 10 yards and to tread water for 10 seconds. They’ll also learn side breathing techniques and become more comfortable in the main pool. The Seahorse class is for 4-5 year olds and builds on what they have already learned Check out our winter swim schedule.

Elementary aqua classes start at basic beginner in Level 1, our preschool class graduates in Level 2 and continues to build skills and confidence in Level 3. The intermediate and advanced programs will teach strokes, endurance and diving. These classes are for 7-18 year olds.


At the Swim Center we also Aqua fitness classes available to all our members. These classes are a great way to workout in the water! They are a great option for individuals looking for a low impact way to exercise. Aqua fitness is not only a great way to promote blood flow, it’s also an excellent cardiovascular activity with low impact on your joints.

Interested in trying out an aqua class? Start a 3-day free trial today.