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Hilary W.
New Member

Prior to joining UAC, I felt frustrated being inside for months with no way of reaching my fitness goals, and UAC was such a positive outlet. Investing in your health (mentally and physically) is so important for your present and future self. Jump in and give it a try, because there's nothing to lose!

Nick M
New Member

Before joining Universal Athletic Club in December 2020, I was gaining a lot of weight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. My wife and I wanted to make some positive changes in our lives, and we decided to join Universal for the variety of equipment and classes.

Bob H.
Personal training

I took my first steps without a walker today (Feb 12, 2021). I held my personal trainer’s hand in one hand, and a 20 pound weight in the other and walked 5 yards. I said to Jacques ‘I can’t believe I just did that!

Jim H.

I worked in Law Enforcement in Connecticut and had many injuries over 38 years. After retirement, I wanted to focus on my overall health.  I found Universal Athletic Club and it had a more ‘comfortable feel’ for me.  I do Thrive Functional Training with Michael as my coach, thanks to my workouts I can feel my body & back getting stronger.

Celeste V

I am so glad to be back. I was not very diligent working out at home. It wasn't very much fun being all alone. I like working out in the fitness club.

Group Fitness

My energy level and self-confidence have drastically increased

Sports Performance

The Sports Performance training sessions have really helped me take my game to the next level

Sanchez Family
Family Membership

We joined Universal over 20 years ago and it’s been one of the best investments we’ve ever made!

Allie M.
New Member

Since joining Universal my fitness journey has flourished. I feel stronger, and my motivation to get in shape has increased tremendously.

Julia H.
New Member

I have arthritis and osteoporosis and I wanted to get stronger and more fit.  I also wanted to improve my balance so that I can take care of myself when I get older.  There has been an entire team of staff members encouraging me at Universal since I first joined

Helen H.

Precision Nutrition isn’t just about nutrition. Precision Nutrition is my life coach. It gives great information about improving sports performance as well as learning better nutrition habits. I have learned a lot about “sleep rituals” and how important sleep is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have combined Precision Nutrition with boxing, thrive and massages by BLU to balance my experience at Universal.

Roger W.
I eventually got on track by joining Universal ... everything improved but two years later my weight remained at 207. I realized I needed help to get back to my desired weight of 180-185. What I needed was a proven, formalized, nutrition and fitness program that would help me achieve and maintain my target weight. I like the daily checking in approach (that Precision Nutrition offers) to develop the right habits to succeed.

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