Allie M.

I was discharged from the Army National Guard in the summer 2020. This had been my main source of staying in shape. 

In the months following my discharge, I began to gain weight. I really wanted to lose the weight and gain back muscle. My husband also had fitness goals he wanted to achieve, so we began looking for a gym to go to together.  Universal had so many things to offer over other fitness clubs in the area, so we decided to join.  Universal is the cleanest facility I have ever joined. The staff does an excellent job at keeping the club spotless.

After we enrolled as members, our Universal Fitness Concierge Sam Walmer, was truly a blessing! Having someone else give me tips always motivated me the most. She recommended that we cut out soda which had been one of our biggest weaknesses. After doing so, I immediately felt better.

When I was in the National Guard, I never really focused on training my arms because I didn’t want to look bulky. After talking with Sam and doing my own research, I realized all my prior beliefs on working out my arms were incorrect. 

Universal gave me the tools I needed to start training my upper and lower body. With the guidance that Sam gave me, I was able to set and achieve new goals.

Since joining the club my fitness journey has flourished. I feel stronger, and my motivation to get in shape has increased tremendously. I get excited for my gym time; it’s a part of my morning routine.  My husband and I love to come to UAC together, then we each do our own workouts. My best friend (Alex) also motivates me and is the best workout partner.

I currently attend RPM and BODYCOMBAT classes… they’re so motivating! I also love working out in the Functional Training Center to access all of the equipment. Plus the virtual classes are great for days that I can’t make it in to the club.

The UAC staff members are always so helpful. Sam is super motivational and inspiring. Nick and I still follow all her tips which continue to guide us in being the healthiest version of ourselves.  Shawn Blake is always so friendly and plays good beats in the Functional Training room.

My advice to others?  Workout with a friend. There’s no better motivation than having a workout partner to keep you accountable.

Thank you, Universal, for helping me get back in shape. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and Nick!