Nick M.

Before joining Universal in December 2020, I was gaining a lot of weight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. My wife and I wanted to make some positive changes in our lives, and we decided to join Universal for the variety of equipment and classes. My personal goal was to lose stomach fat, gain muscle strength, and tone.

Our Universal Fitness Concierge, Sam, helped us by pointing out flaws in our diets. For example, she suggested replacing soda with water and incorporating more veggies into our daily meals. She also encouraged us to watch how much sugar we eat daily and how to research supplements and their effectiveness.

In the first month and a half I lost more than 2 inches on my waist through the combination of exercise and making better food choices. Mentally I discovered that I can go without the unhealthy foods I was eating regularly.

The best thing the gym did for my health was stay open during Covid-19. They kept everything clean and safe so that we could stay focused on our fitness. I’m really happy we joined Universal and am excited to see how far I’ve come after a full year!