6 Ways to Drop 6 Pounds

6 Ways to Drop 6 Pounds

Making a few adjustments to what you eat could be the key.

If you’re looking to drop some pounds, try focusing on some basic fundamental principles that are long tried-and-true.

It’s not rocket science, but it does require some discipline and consistency. Instead of making it more complex than it needs to be, make it easier by focusing on the following 6 ways to lose those stubborn 6 pounds.

Infographic - Sugar Addiction: the perpetual cycle

  1. Reduce sugar intake. To list all of the negative effects that sugar has on our body would require a full-blown, dictionary-sized novel.  Above all else, sugar could be the number one biggest culprit holding you back from losing weight.  To sum up sugar in three words, it’s: toxic, addicting, and deadly. It causes leptin resistance (making us unable to feel full) wrecks the metabolism, causes insulin resistance and contains countless hidden calories.  Remember to read labels on EVERYTHING to see the sugar content.
  2. Eat (good) carbs. Carbs aren’t the devil if you choose them wisely! The fact of the matter is, your brain and body need at least a small amount of carbohydrates to function. Most of your go-to carb choices should come from fruits and vegetables, but starchy carbs should be added at times from low glycemic sources. Choices could include quinoa, sweet potatoes, and rice.
  3. Don’t neglect protein. You should shoot to include a fair amount of protein in each and every meal or snack. Protein helps to stabilize and moderate swings in your blood sugar, making your energy steadier and your excess weight more simple to drop. In addition, it helps to preserve and maintain lean muscle mass, which consequently improves your resting metabolic rate. Protein also plays a role in increasing the feeling of being ‘full,’ making you less likely to reach for that late-night snack which continues to hold you back from losing those stubborn pounds.
  4. Focus on food quality. Foods that are minimally processed are the best for you. Food quality improves your energy levels, digestion, mood, metabolic rate, eliminates cravings, and so much more. In addition, improving the quality of the food you eat essentially takes the guesswork out of calorie counting. When you eat higher quality, more nutrient-dense foods, your body will better be able to >send your brain the signal that you’ve had enough.
  5. Fat does NOT make you fat. This is contrary to what many people think. In fact, studies show that increasing your consumption of the ‘right’ type of fat aids in losing fat.  For one, fat has a beneficial effect on leptin receptors, which means that our signals of satiety will be much improved. This will lead to a reduction in caloric intake and an improved insulin response. In the simplest terms, good fat will rarely ever be stored as fat, provide instant fuel, help you feel full, and contribute to your ability to burn calories.
  6. Use grocery shopping ‘hacks.’ Ever hear that there are scientifically-backed ways to trick yourself into buying healthier foods at the grocery store? Well, there are a few. First, shop with a bottle of water in hand. This will subconsciously affect the foods that you choose since, generally speaking, this increases our sense of overall health. Second, try to shop when you’re full. As you might expect, this will decrease your desire to buy junk foods that would otherwise look incredibly appetizing. Third, create a physical list to take with you to the store. This will enable you to get in and out more quickly and eliminate the desire to make impulse purchases on the unhealthy foods you don’t need.

Follow these steps; learn them, practice them, put them into action, and drop those stubborn pounds for good! If you’re struggling and could use additional help with weight loss or making better food choices, contact member services department to ask about our Precision Nutrition Program.