Small Group Training

Look, Move & Feel Better

Small group training is a great alternative to working out solo and because class sizes are limited, it provides more instructor interaction along with the support and camaraderie of other members. It’s more personal than large group exercise, but never boring! It is important to note that a small group training program needs to be just as specifically and technically designed as a personal training one.

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What are some of the benefits of small group training?


Small group training allows a personal trainer to work with more people at once, thus dropping the price of the session for the participants to make personalized fitness instruction more affordable.

Adherence & consistency of training

When people exercise in a group, they tend to establish relationships and make friends with other people in the group, helping them become regular participants in group activities. Of course, there are also the elements of fun and competitiveness in a group dynamic, which are present in this kind of training setting.


More personalized, individualized attention enables trainers to educate their clients about their bodies and how to stay fit and healthy.

Universal’s small group training programs are run by qualified trainers who know how to deliver a quality fitness experience that yields results while maintaining focus on quality. At the same time, it’s a lot of fun!

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Adult Strength & Conditioning

A fun and challenging workout led by a trainer who is going to push you to your limits and help you smash your fitness goals.

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Youth Strength & Conditioning

The Universal Athletic Club Youth Strength & Conditioning team helps youth build athletic skills by applying a scientific and innovative approach to training.

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Thrive Training

Life is tough when you don’t move and feel your best. Thrive is a functional workout designed to improve your everyday movements so that you will feel younger, stronger & ready to take on life!

Total Body Shaping

Look your absolute best! Total Body Shaping (TBS) is specifically designed to give you a better body so that you look amazing!.

Balance & Strong With Power Plate

Combine targeted exercises with PowerPlate’s unique vibration platform to challenge your stability, improve core strength, and boost overall physical performance.