Rohrerstown Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes near Rohrerstown, PA are Included in your Membership.

Why pay more somewhere else when you can do martial arts training and get everything else Universal Athletic Club gym has to offer for less!

Students in the Universal Martial Arts Program near Rohrerstown, PA will receive Dan/Poom and Gyup Certifications through the UNTN (USA National Taekwondo Network). Because of the international certification, students who continue to work through the ranks can qualify to compete in Olympic Taekwondo. All martial arts students have the opportunity to earn a world-recognized Taekwondo certification.

  • Increase strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Improve self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Fun, interactive workout!
  • Classes for kids starting at age 4 through adults
  • All ability levels welcome
  • No previous experience required to start

Martial Arts is also available to Non-Members.

Contact UAC Member Services for pricing and to try a Martial Arts class for free.

Martial Arts Instructors near Rohrerstown, PA

Master James Oplinger
Director of Martial Arts at UAC
UNTN Northeast Regional Director
Andrew Nguyen
Assistant Instructor & Lead Instructor of the Young Tiger Program
Christopher Nguyen
Assistant Instructor

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