Specialized Personal Training

TBS - Total Body Shaping


  • Shred body fat
  • Focus on muscle groups
  • Small group & Individual workstations
  • Offered in Full and Express (30 Minute Option)


    • Improves your flexibility, mobility, and posture
    • Scheduled exercise keeps you on track
    • Takes the guesswork out of your workout
    • Small group @ individual stations

    Performance Training

    (Small Group, Buddy & Individual Options)

    • Improve performance & Ability
    • Personalized to fit needs & goals
    • Accountability & Motivation
    • Cost efficient way to work w/certified personal trainer


    • Increase cardiovascular fitness and improve core strength
    • Improve eye-hand coordination, confidence and self-esteem
    • Relieve stress while you burn fat
    Yoga Instruction

    Yoga Instruction

    • Perfect the basics and expand your yoga practice
    • Improves strength, posture, flexibility & confidence
    • Designed to meet your specific needs with personal attention
    Post Rehabilitation & Cardiac Maintenance

    Post Rehabilitation & Cardiac Maintenance

    • Bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness to improve your health
    • Sessions are 100% customized for each member
    • Receive the expertise, encouragement and support you need to have success
    Golf Performance Training

    Golf Performance Training

    • Strengthen your core and improve mobility, endurance, flexibility
    • Free Clinical Assessment by Dr. Paul Pettay, Titleist Performance Institute
    • 6 Training Sessions with Certified Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist

    Stretch Therapy

    • Stretching the fascia, improving flexibility and mobility throughout the body.
    • Improves your range of motion without causing pain
    • Tunes your nervous system in preparation for activity

    Boot Camp

    RETURNING IN 2021! Support a great cause while getting a fun, energetic workout in a group setting!

    Open to all UAC members, guests as well as the general public with a $5 minimum donation per person/per workout. (Free with an Elite or Premier Club Membership).

    Workouts will rotate among different styles, and each month we will sponsor a different charity.

    These 60-minute HIIT strength and cardio workouts are designed to help you burn fat, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and motivate you in an electric, team-based environment! All fitness levels welcome.

    Plan to move in stations, get motivated by world-class coaches, learn how to train effectively, and take your fitness to new levels. If you have a MyZone belt, it’s recommended you wear this to see the benefit of pushing to your max and to monitor the length of recovery time.

    Returning in 2021! Please check back then!


    MyZone is a new innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MyZone Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

    MyZone users simply wear a comfortable MyZone Physical Activity Belt (heart rate strap), which is registered online, to monitor all concerted physical activity in real time, allowing users to view their progress in their personal account.

    MyZone enhances enjoyment of physical activity by providing personal, color-coded guidance and motivational feedback both inside and outside.

    • Exercise inside and outside of a facility or School and have their activity recorded.
    • Login online anywhere and track their activity and progress.
    • Earn MEPs for every minute of physical activity.
    • Participate in challenges based on physical activity and measure results.
    • Achieve goals via utilizing heart rate intensity feedback.

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