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Reasons Why a Gym Membership Is Worth Your Time and Money

Are you considering joining a gym? A gym membership is a great way to get fit and meet new people. But is a gym membership worth your money? Here are the top reasons a gym membership is worth the time and money.

Access to State-of-the-art Facilities

While home gyms can be convenient, it’s hard to match what a fitness center can offer. The typical home gym tends to be a little unilateral free weights, treadmills, exercise bikes because space is limited. It’s rare for a home gym to have the full amenities that a professional gym can afford.

From access to the newest and best weight and cardio machines to access to a pool membership near you, professional gyms cater to a wide range of fitness interests. So, whether you’re interested in strength training in the free weight area and maxing out on your deadlift gains or you are looking to improve your butterfly stroke, a well-rounded facility has everything you need under one roof.

Access to Instructor-led Fitness Classes

Some of us have no problem running solo for cardio and keeping to a workout routine independently, but research has shown that individuals who take instructor-led classes tend to invest more in the activity showing up on-time and more frequently and that workout sessions are less-likely to be interrupted.

Whether you’re interested in taking classes focusing on speed and agility to improve your sports performance or interested in trying yoga for the first time, instructor-led classes are a great perk of gym memberships. A fitness center is a one-stop-shop. Grouping your core conditioning class, twice a week yoga routine, and swim time under one membership is a smart investment. A membership to a yoga studio alone can cost over $1200 a year.

Social Aspect of the Gym Environment

A gym membership also opens the door to a new social environment. Adult friendships are founded on common interests and finding the time to foster new friendships outside of our professional spheres can be challenging. If you’re into fitness, the gym can be a great place to meet people. Whether you’re looking for a running partner to train with or need to find a regular spotter, the gym is a great environment to find a new workout buddy.

Committing to a Year-Long Membership Promotes Accountability

It’s hard to keep motivated, and there are a million things in life that get in the way of our fitness journeys. Life gets hectic and stressful, but studies have proven that exercise reduces stress, improves mental health, and it has been shown that exercising leads to improved sleep.

Purchasing an actual membership also tends to be a motivating factor because people tend to have more accountability when they have made an investment and a gym membership is an investment in your health.

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