How Speed Training Can Improve Your Competitiveness

It’s no secret that speed gives most competitive athletes an advantage over their peers. Whether you are outrunning opponents down the field to get that key touchback for your team or beating the throw to home plate for the winning run, it’s true that most sports involve some type of short sprints. Speed training and athletic training, in general, will help you bolster your sports performance and rise above your peers.

Speed training sets the great apart from the good  Sports Performance Speed Training

Local to the Lancaster, PA area? Universal Athletic Club (UAC) offers youth appropriate speed and agility training programming for athletes between the ages of 7 and 18. Our Sports Performance techniques include a unique training program designed to build strength, power, and confidence. 

Through controlled and targeted conditioning exercises, our athletes will maximize their sport performance potential. Building speed is about more than just sprinting, agility training is a crucial component to UAC’s training program. At UAC, our programs are designed to not only improve sports performance but promote sports longevity.

Using Strength to Improve Sprinting Speed 

Conditioning and building strength for targeted muscle groups is a stellar way to improve your sprinting speed. Here at UAC, we recognize that timed sprints are essential to training for speed. However, we also recognize that relying solely on training sprints isn’t the end-all-be-all of speed training.

Increasing relative strength is also an essential component to improving overall speed and maintaining athletic health. There are many targeted strength exercises that you can do to help boost your splits, and some of them might come as a surprise.


UAC offers athletic performance training for athletes of all skill levels between the ages of 7 and 18 and right now, we’re offering a limited-time promotion for new members to try out our speed and agility training programs. 24 or 36 Session Special Pricing!. Have questions? Feel free to drop in to talk to our staff and check out what we have to offer.