The Importance of SilverSneakers ® Exercise
SilverSneakers® exercise


Have you heard about Universal Athletic Club’s line-up of seniors exercise classes? SilverSneakers® yoga and fitness classes promote fitness and continued mobility for older adults and seniors—and they’re appropriate for people of all fitness levels.

silver sneakers exerciseTom Petty belted the lyrics: “You never slow down, you never grow old,” and there’s some truth to that. Staying active as we age keeps our bodies feeling younger. Our SilverSneakers® exercise classes encourage movement and are designed to improve mobility, balance, flexibility, and daily living.

Seniors exercise classes can help increase range of movement and strengthen muscles to improve everyday life. The SilverSneakers® Classic class is a good starting point for older adults looking to improve their health and quality of life through fitness. These classes incorporate the use of a chair for both standing support and seated exercises. We also offer a 30-minute long class designed to boost strength and balance through focused on hip, knee, and ankle joint strengthening exercises called SilverSneakers® Stability that’s great to take with our classic class.

You may also benefit from checking out the SilverSneakers® Circuit class, which combines low-impact choreography with an upper-body strength workout. This class encourages gentle muscle strengthening and promotes mobility. Looking for more cardio? Take things up a notch with SilverSneakers® Cardio, a low-impact aerobics class designed to condition your body through upper body and abdominal strengthening exercises while encouraging stretching and relaxation for a reenergizing effect.

If you’re interested in yoga, SilverSneakers® yoga guides participants through both seated and standing poses. Yoga is a great relaxation practice, and it encourages flexibility and balance while improving your body’s range of motion. This class also uses breathing exercises to help boost your mental clarity and reduce stress. If you enjoy yoga, consider checking out our SilverSneakers® EnerChi class—a mindful movement class focusing on smooth weight transfer, postural control, and breathing techniques to help calm your mind while increasing endurance, improving balance recovery, and boosting muscular endurance.

Remember, our skilled SilverSneakers® instructors are trained to adapt our exercise programs to match your fitness level. This means that our classes are accessible and suitable for everyone regardless of fitness level. Want to join a SilverSneakers® class near you? Visit our website to start your fitness journey today.