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Sports Performance, Speed, and Agility Training

Want to improve your sports performance? Join us at the Universal Athletic Club and check out our modern sports training facility. Sports training can help you hone your athletic prowess and rise to become a top performer. We offer a number of classes to boost speed, agility, and overall performance.

Sports Performance, Speed and Agility Training

Our top programming is appropriate for youth athletes between the ages of 7 and 18, combining two renowned athletic training programs for the benefit of athletes local to Lancaster County: Parisi Speed School and Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning. Performance training begins with a commitment to building strength, power, and confidence. Our sports performance training can provide you with a great opportunity to maximize your athletic potential.

Sports Performance Training - MovementInterested in increasing speed?

UAC hosts a top notch speed and agility training class. Speed training will help you become a standout athlete and give you a competitive edge. Contrary to what you might think, speed is a skill that can be trained through targeted strength and conditioning exercises. Why does speed matter—it matters because it’s a factor that often separates the good from the great.  

Avoid sports injuries

Sports injuries are on the rise in youth athletics but can often be mitigated by preventative measures and for that reason, we have an entire class that focuses on teaching targeted movement for injury prevention. It’s important to warm your body up and doing this through proper and intentional movement promotes stretching and general well-being. This class is designed to build a solid movement foundation that has been shown to improve speed, agility, and overall body health.


Interested in enrolling your kids in our sports performance classes or want to learn more?  Try a free session now!