Third of 5 Exercises You Should be Loading!

🎯 Third Of Five (5) Exercises that aren’t loaded up enough, but should be⁣!

Most people appreciate the importance of accessory exercises (compound moves that isolate one part of the body), but often underestimate what they’re capable of doing (from a loading standpoint) on them, when in all reality… loading up some accessories like the big lifts more often might be one of the most effective things you can do for strength, muscle, and performance.⁣

✅ Here is the third of five (5) exercises you should be one you should be loading up:

3️⃣ Push-ups. The big advantage that push-ups have over most other pressing exercises is that they allow the scaps to move more freely around the ribcage (happy shoulder stuff), but don’t sleep on them as a strength and muscle-builder. Reason being, when you’re doing a push-up, you’re lifting 75% of your BW at the bottom (and 69% at the top). So if you’re 200 lbs. and using 100 lbs. of load, that’s 250 lbs. at the bottom. Not bad.⁣

For athletes: Heavy sled pushes/drags build single-leg strength at acceleration-ish joint angles, train the application of tons of force into the ground, and reinforce knee drive and hip separation.

For everyone else: Heavy sled work can be great for pushing strength and accumulating quality, eccentric-less volume with minimal joint stress.⁣

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