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Universal Athletic Club Boasts Top Rated Sports and Speed Training Facility

Sports and speed training. It’s true that it’s something that, for the most part, separates the good from the great. It’s rare to see top athletes who don’t follow at least some type of training regimen. Athletes like Tom Brady and Michael Phelps have very publicized and strict training programs that have helped sharpen their athletic prowess and rise to the top of their respective sports.


But training isn’t just for professional athletes, it’s important for any athlete looking to improve performance and make gains. Universal Athletic Club (UAC) offers sports performance and speed and agility training appropriate for athletes between the ages of 7 and 17-years-old and can be tailored for athletes of all disciplines and levels. Whether your child is just starting out in organized league sport or working toward an athletic scholarship, UAC’s modern sports training facility will improve their performance and confidence.


9 Simple Steps To Speed TrainingSo, why is training for sports so important for top performers? Well, it’s actually one of the biggest things an athlete can do to break away from the pack and standout with top achievements. Speed training is one way that athletes gain a competitive edge because outpacing opponents often leads to big plays and, subsequently, big wins. The importance of training regularly and appropriately, especially as you age to stay competitive.



Our training programs are designed to build upon the foundation you already have and focus on targeted strength & agility exercises to help improve speed. Our expert fitness trainers and instructors will help guide you through these exercises and provide you with the tools you need to make serious gains with surprisingly simple insights. Interested in learning more? Download our free e-Book: Elite Speed.

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