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Yoga Studio Summer 2021 Lineup

Summer is here, and there’s no better time to get fit. Universal Athletic Club’s newly renovated space has a hot lineup of yoga and fitness classes to help you kick start or continue your health and wellness journey.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to channel your inner yogi or you’re just looking to get back into that flow state, we have a wide variety of classes for all skill levels. Our state-of-the-art yoga studio offers a Zen environment and experienced instructors to guide your practice. Our mind body classes can help you improve balance, core strength, and flexibility.

Yoga Options

silver sneakers yogaOur yoga studio is home to a variety of practices. Discover the benefits of Heated Power Yoga in a studio room heated to 90 degrees and improve your posture and stamina. SilverSneakers® yoga puts focus on breathing through a series of seated and standing poses. Exercise-to-music during BODYFLOW™, a class specifically designed to change the way you feel about your body through a fusion of eastern practices like yoga and tai chi and newer western-based fitness methods like Pilates.

Yoga Clinic

Yoga Clinics

We also offer a number of focused yoga clinics. Get upside down at our Inversion Clinic at 8 am on Saturday, July 10, attend our Hip Opening Clinic at 8 am on Saturday, August 14, and join us for Mindful Meditation Month, July 5 through July 30.

Interested in our advanced programs? 300 Hour Advanced Leadership and Yoga Training might be for you (one weekend a month from August 2021 to May 2022). The 300 Hour Yoga Training classes are led by Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher, Julie Mathers, M.S. ED.

There are numerous benefits to yoga—both physical and mental—and the gains translate outside studio walls. Join us and learn how to better tune your practice. Are our yoga classes near you? We’re local to the Lancaster, PA area. Interested in joining? Our classes are conveniently scheduled throughout the day. Have questions? See our yoga FAQ.