Youth Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

Youth Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

Youth sports are bigger than ever in Lancaster PA. We have club teams, year-round training, and sports specialization. Long drives and endless hours on the field have become the norm. Kids do it because they love it, and parents support it because they love their kids. But here’s the problem…

Children sports injury infographic

Youth Sports Injuries Are Also On The Rise

With all of these tools at our disposal, child obesity is at an all-time high. Youth injuries, like ACL tears and even Tommy John surgeries, are also at an all-time high.

And among all of these, the most devastating issues might be the psychological ones, like a lack of self-confidence – because you can’t leave that on the field.  So what’s the solution?

Injury Prevention Starts With Teaching Correct Movements

First and foremost, we need to teach kids how to move correctly. We’re at a point where most kids are simply ill-prepared to participate in sports. Most of them haven’t learned how to move their bodies the right way, whether they’re running, kicking, throwing, jumping, or cutting. Movement is the most fundamental piece of not only athletic development, but of general health and well-being.

How We Enhance Youth Sports Performance At UAC

This is where we come in. Here at Universal, we teach kids how to succeed on the field by first establishing a solid foundation of proper movement. From there, we build functional strength that transfers to the field and develop sound running mechanics to improve speed and agility.

The result is a stronger, faster, quicker, more explosive, and more resilient athlete. It’s not uncommon for our new athletes to improve their speed by 25%, increase their vertical jump by 8 inches, and nearly double their strength.

It’s Not Just About Kids Playing Sports

But not every kid is in it for the athletics alone, and we get that. That’s why we offer a number of different options for every kid, all the way from ages 7 to 18+. Participating in a fun and challenging workouts leads to a happier, healthier, and more confident kid who’s more likely to value their health well beyond their athletic career.

And beyond physical measures, it’s through this process that kids build newfound confidence – they realize that, if they put in the work and strive to get 1% better every day, they can reach higher and achieve more than they thought they were capable of.

Helping All Kids Succeed

Everyone wants to help their kid succeed, both on and off the field. With our help, you can give your kid an amazing opportunity to develop and thrive in a number of ways. I consider it my duty to YOU to be a driving force to improve your child’s life.