5 Elements to Align your Yoga Practice & Your Life

Align your Yoga Practice & Your Life!

True North Alignment

True North Alignment is the basis of all the poses practiced in Baptiste Yoga.  It is a neutral and natural alignment that will bring about a lifetime of health and ease in your body. The effects of this powerful alignment are healing and deeply strengthening. True North is used in almost every yoga pose to help create a yoga practice that will leave you feeling integrated and whole.

In “real life” this alignment is designed to help you in making major decisions in life. Before taking life-changing steps, think of yourself aligning what you say, speak, and feel, to achieve Truth North so that you can feel “grounded and confident.” Here’s how:

  1. Ground Down Like Earth

    Before you begin a yoga pose it is best to start with a solid foundation, the earth. Set yourself up for success with a solid base.  The same holds true when you apply this to the big steps in life, like deciding on a new job or relationship.

    Steps –

    • Stand up and press the four corners (ball and heel) of your feet into the floor/yoga mat
    • Lift and spread out your ten toes
    • Pull your outer shins in
  2. Flow Like Water

    As you proceed in your yoga practice and/or life situation, add some flow. Things don’t always go as planned and flow allows for us to move easily with the changes.

    Steps –

    • Soften your joints
    • Keep your pelvis neutral
    • Lift the front of the pelvis
  3. Build an Inner Fire

    Nothing changes if nothing changes. It takes heat (tapas) for us to make a change.  Take the fire and make a change, a shift in your yoga or life.

    Steps –

    • Pull your belly into the back side of the body
    • Pull your upper ribs in
    • Tighten everything up in the mid section
  4. Soften Like Air

    Bring softness to your yoga and life by adding air in the form of a deep breath. Soften into the hard places. We tend to stress and suffer, and we forget that suffering is not necessary.

    Steps –

    • Draw your upper arm bones back
    • Move your shoulder blades toward your spine
  5. Create Space for Full Expression

    Make space in your body and in your life to fully express yourself. We often hide or shrink down to be who we think we should be. Create enough space on your mat and in your life to be fully present… and take on these changes in life with peace and confidence!

    Steps –

    • Hug into your center and express out through hands and feet and look up!

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